tweetup parties

Tweetup Parties Create Buzz For Your Business

From hashtags to reality, companies everywhere are hosting tweetup parties to create immediate buzz about their business.

As there are just certain things you can’t say in 140 characters or less, local businesses, large and small, are finding that Twitter is a great tool to help them engage and reach out to customers, clients, fans and followers. Spread through the sweet chirps in the Twittersphere, hosting a tweetup party, meaning, “Twitter meetups,” is proving to be an effective way for businesses to connect with users and vice versa.

“All businesses should consider hosting a tweetup for the simple reason that face-to-face communication and networking can build a stronger connection than online communication alone,” says Melissa DiGianfilippo of Serendipit Consulting, a local full-service marketing, public relations, branding and event planning firm. “Tweetups are great for all types of businesses and can be held to serve just about any purpose.”

Putting a face to the Twitter ID, such gatherings should be tailored to meet specific business needs. They are typically themed, incorporate guest speakers or entertainment, food and drinks, merchandise and most importantly, free Wi-Fi so attendees can, of course, simultaneously tweet about the ongoing event.

According to DiGianfilippo, “to be ultimately successful, a brand would want their attendees to be tweeting things they are learning at the event, photos from the event, comments made and interacting online and in person.” Thus, creating a buzz about a particular business through social media.

With social media booming amongst all age groups, such face-to-face contact surprisingly holds a larger impact. DiGianfilippo adds that tweetups are “especially good if you are launching a new product or service that you can showcase. Give your fans and customers an opportunity to experience that product or service firsthand before it’s ‘released’ to the general public. Let them be the first to share it online; they will feel special, and you will get some great, real feedback.”

As such events prove to be effective promotional tools, simply hosting a tweetup could do more then generate good PR, but could also further a company with the help of honest, in-person connections and communications.

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