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Florence Copper receives final APP permit

Florence Copper announced that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) has completed the required public consultation and review process relating to the Aquifer Protection Permit (“APP”) for Phase 1 operations at the Florence Copper Project (“Florence Copper”) site.

The ADEQ permit outlines the safety standards and regulatory oversight required by the State of Arizona for the protection of water quality at the project site.  The APP requires Florence Copper to meet the most stringent health and safety requirements during its operation, ensuring the protection of the environment at all times.

Florence Copper would like to thank the members of the public who provided their comments on the initial APP issued in September 2012 and the hard work and leadership shown by ADEQ staff in preparing this final approval.

“Receiving the final APP for the Phase 1 operations after a thorough public consultation process is good news for Florence Copper and for the Town of Florence,” said Florence Copper Vice President and General Manager Dan Johnson.  “ADEQ is the agency responsible for protecting Arizona’s water quality and they have done just that with this permit.”

The APP is one of two major operating permits Florence Copper requires to move to the first phase of operations at the site.  Phase 1 operations will consist of a Production Test Facility (“PTF”) that includes a 24-well in-situ recovery well field, a state of the art solvent extraction/electrowinning facility that will produce pure copper cathode, and associated infrastructure.  The PTF will demonstrate the science and safety of in-situ technology.

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