Coup Des Tartes adds catering company

Ranked as the No. 1 French restaurant by Ranking Arizona for four years in a row, Coup Des Tartes is a charming, 15-year-old, bistro-style restaurant that patrons call one of the most engaging and intimate dining experiences in all of Phoenix.

With his exquisite attention to detail, owner Ron Pacioni has turned Coup Des Tartes into the longest-running BYOB (bring your own beer, wine or champagne) restaurant in Phoenix, while dominating that niche in the process.

Now, Pacioni is bringing his golden touch and exquisite taste to the catering and special events industry. Rendezvous Catering and Events is another masterpiece in which Pacioni has immersed himself. Rendezvous offers the same exquisite delicacies as Coup Des Tartes, just at a greater production scale. With a thoughtful and dedicated staff, Rendezvous Catering and Events vows to make any party an event. To help give those parties and events a place to call home, Pacioni has opened a new sister venue called Les Deux, which is located south of Coup Des Tartes on 16th Street.

“We can bring in a large corporation or a small group and provide great quality experiences,” says Pacioni, “At Les Deux, guests can receive a hotel experience without having to rent out a banquet room.”

Accompanied by an intimate setting and relaxing feel, Les Deux is designed to seat only 40-120 people. Pacioni created his new catering company because Central Phoenix was in desperate need of an eclectic special events corporation. By catering to all parties — whether they are weddings, corporate events or everyday social gatherings — Pacioni prides himself on finding a happy medium for all clients and providing a four-star meal with fantastic quality services.

“With any type of food  — from Italian, Mexican or even Coup Des Tartes style — the chefs are very talented and exceptional at customizing the menu for guests,” says Pacioni.
For whatever mouth-watering food the client is craving, Pacioni says his team at Rendezvous Catering and Les Deux will work with each individual to craft an eating arrangement to suit the needs of any party.

Since opening in December, Pacioni says he has high hopes and aspirations for his latest business venture. In the first quarter, Pacioni says the special events corporation has exceeded his expectations and standards as he plans to use Les Deux as an outreach to the events community.