steve randazzo projected on a home theater screen

Steve Randazzo, Owner Of Randazzo’s Home Systems, Is A Self-Described ‘Gadget Guy’

Steve Randazzo
Randazzo’s Home Systems
Title: Owner
Est: 2005

“I love music and sound systems, I love movies, TV and presenting those formats for overall enjoyment.” – Steve Randazzo, Randazzo’s Home Systems

Steve Randazzo describes himself as a “gadget guy.” His love of music, movies and television has been the foundation of his business, Randazzo’s Home Systems, since its inception.

As the owner and sole employee, Randazzo provides both residential and commercial clients with technology “from a simple TV and surround sound receiver setup to full-blown, large-screen home theaters to complete home automation,” he says. He provides all of the design, customer service and installation himself, and uses qualified sub-contractors when necessary.

Randazzo began the company in 2005 after careers in mechanical design, manufacture engineering and product marketing. After working for a company that went out of business, “the opportunity just presented itself to take all of the experience and the best things from those companies and create my own,” he states.

Randazzo considers the biggest challenge of running his own business to be “finding time to do what you love,” while still managing the business aspects of leading the company. Selling, managing, marketing and accounting are critical to the success of an enterprise — he realizes that balancing all this is a common hurdle with any small business.

The highlight of his hard work is seeing customers’ satisfaction at the end of a project, and their referrals to friends and family. Many customers even call him back to expand on the original project.

“Truly the greatest accomplishment is the ongoing business that comes from referrals and the satisfaction of the existing clients who want to expand on what we’ve done already,” he notes.

Randazzo hopes these referrals, and continued excellent service to existing clients, will help expand the business in the future — especially after the recession.

“We certainly didn’t break any records in 2009, but we maintained positive relationships with existing clients and we sought out new marketing and business opportunities through referral services,” he acknowledges.

Randazzo relies on honesty, reliability and efficiency to make those relationships work. He also believes that his location has been advantageous in keeping the company afloat.

“Arizona is great,” he asserts. “Year round sunshine and outdoor activity makes a TV on the patio a staple for an avid sports fan.”

But mostly, he adds, the company is successful because he enjoys it, and suggests other budding entrepreneurs do what they love.

“Find something you are passionate about,” he suggests. “Provide those services to people and back it up with continual customer service.”