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Business Makes Technological Leap With Shopkeep’s iPad POS System

Stacey Barnes, owner of Scottsdale GoodyTwo’s, shares the benefits of using Shopkeep’s cloud-based, iPad POS System for easier transactions and manageability.

Bulky, noisy and generally unattractive, cash registers are not particularly glamorous, and by today’s standards have limited functionality. And local businesses, including GoodyTwos Toffee Company, have upgraded to a much more economical, manageable and accessible point of sale (POS) system for the tech-savvy age — ShopKeep’s cloud-based POS.

ShopKeep POSLike many business owners, Stacey Barnes and Donna Gabrilson of GoodyTwos Toffee Company (founded in 2004 by the mother/daughter duo) decided to make the upgrade and switched to the sleekly-housed, web-based program, which delivers the cash register’s essential capability, while also providing data that informs smart, timely business decisions.

ShopKeep POS not only receives your payment, it simplifies and automates the complicated process of reporting on sales, which permits business owners to track up-to-the-second sales data and inventory. This data can be segmented and presented in multiple formats, enabling business owners to make better decisions. This same data can also be accessed from any device because all of the intelligence is stored in the cloud.

Shopkeep created an app for the iPad,” Barnes says. “The iPad was more affordable compared to the other hardware you would have to buy with traditional POS.”

With iPad registers and a streamlined back-end portal, ShopKeep utilizes tools that assist small businesses to grow more cost effectively, minimizing time, labor and the risk of the unknown.

I can see daily, monthly, annual, top selling items and what time of the day is the busiest for GoodyTwos,” Barnes says. “You can generate reports, manage your inventory and control your employee access ― all of which helps us run our business smarter.”

Chris Pace, managing principal of Congruity Solutions, is an authorized reseller partner for ShopKeep for the Phoenix area, and he personally installed ShopKeep at GoodyTwos.

Pace encourages owners and managers of businesses small and large to make the switch.

ShopKeep is simple in design; young and old alike use Apple technology, so the learning curve is quite simple for most people,” Pace says. “Large companies benefit from having data outside of their walls, with tighter security and redundant backup, all with no incremental hardware investment. Cloud-based systems mean you only pay for what you use.”

Barnes and Gabrilson say they are confident that the switch to the cloud-based POS represents their dedication to a quality product with an innovative twist.

The system allows us to show our brand in a new, exciting way,” Gabrilson says. “GoodyTwos has always been about our wholesome products showcased in a modern, fun light, and this adds an element of technology.”

For the ladies of GoodyTwos Toffee, Shopkeep has made managing their business and checking out customers not only more efficient, but also a bit sweeter.

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