Top 6 Useful Productivity Apps

  1. Evernote

    Evernote website screeshot
    Ever have a idea that you need to jot down and not forget? Evernote does this and more. With Evernote you can sync all your notes from your computer, phone and the web.

    This useful app does more than just note taking. You can type, a note, clip a web page, snap a photo and use voice notes.

    To make things easier they offer organizing tools to help you search by keywords, titles and tags. My personal favorite is the ability to search images that have handwritten notes and snapshots of documents. offers a collection of useful suggestions on how to take advantage of this powerful web app.


    Are you afraid to post your email address on the web? Then is the right tool for you. This useful little web app is like a url shortener but for your email address.

    Posting your email address in places like forums, twitter or comments area is a easy spam target. What this app does for you is takes and converts it for example to If a person wants to email you, they will go to this URL and take a simple humanity check to reveal the protected email address.

  3. Permatime

    When working with clients or colleagues from different time zones, setting up meetings based on your local time can be a hassle. Instead of calculating the time difference in your head or searching for the time zone your contact is in, use

    What Permatime does is generates a link you can share with others that will show the time in their own local time zone.

  4. TitanPad

    Need a quick easy way to work on a text document simultaneously with others, then try If you love to collaborate and take advantage of cloud computing then try out TitanPad. This web app offers a no sign-up, write instantly solution.

  5. DocsPal

    Have you ever worked with someone that sends you a file that you don’t have the application for and all you need to do is view what they sent you? Try This quick and easy free file converter will save you the headache of wondering what that file looks like. DocsPal allows you to view documents and images they convert directly in your browser.


    Similar to DocsPal this website is geared towards helping you view a file you can’t open. What offers is a resource to finding free applications to download and open that file.

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