Valley Start-Up Delivers Line of Mobile Device Accessories

THEO, a designer and manufacturer of mobile device accessories, today announced its official launch at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The Tempe-based start-up founded by several mobile device industry executives will unveil a series of products, including app-assisted patented Light Guide Technology, customizable design, and Qi compatible wireless charging embedded in smartphone protective solutions with patented Impact Deflection Technology.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, THEO has partnered with distributors in each major region across the Americas, including Technocel (United States), Avoca Technologies (Canada), and Viastara (Mexico and Latin America), as well as Soular Distribution (Germany), the company’s first international partner.

THEO’s first line of mobile device accessories includes THEO LIGHT, THEO STYLE, THEO LIGHT & STYLE, and THEO POWER WAVE. The drop-tested protective solution combines superior protection, style and functional versatility for Apple iPhone (5/5S & 5C) and Samsung Galaxy (S4) smartphones. THEO POWER WAVE is a Wireless Rechargeable Battery System integrated into a drop-tested protective solution for mobile devices. It includes a removable battery pack that can be simultaneously or independently charged, ranging from a 6 hour to 3 hour charge time.


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