AZ Virtual Studios

The Importance of Website Videos With AZ Virtual Studios

We’ve been thinking about videos a lot lately here at the AZNow.Biz office. We know adding them to your website is great for SEO, but we had many questions, including: What videos work on websites? Which should we stay away from? How many do we need to put on the website? And how often should we post them?

And then we stumbled up on this:

Uploading a short video onto your website can drastically increase your page ranking! We can assist you with the creation of a powerful social media video that pulls in more clients.

Found on AZ Virtual Studios‘s website, we contacted them right away and shortly after sat down with John Koop, COO of AZ Virtual Studios.

AZ Virtual Studios is a production company in the Phoenix area — boasting the largest green screen in the state — that can produce any type of video, including 3D animation, from start to finish. We asked them the video-related questions that were on our minds.

Koop discussed the clients they’ve created videos for in the past, including Boeing and Freeport-McMoRan, as well as the importance of adding video content to your website(s). He told us what kind of videos work; he touched on the viral videos they’ve worked on and more.

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