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About Ali Kamen

Ali Kamen is the owner and principal of Zenergy Yoga of Scottsdale. She is a veteran youth and adult fitness and yoga instructor with over 15 years of combined experience. Ali earned a Master’s degree in Public Health and has been a public health educator for the past decade. Ali began her yoga practice at home for many years before finally experiencing yoga in a studio in 2002. After becoming a mom, Ali found yoga helped her keep her life as a wife and working mom in balance. Ali’s classes are a challenging, vinyasa flow style with a variety of 70's, 80's and current alternative music to keep her students inspired and energized. Ali has found a new passion in introducing yoga to children and teens. As an Arizona State certified teacher and Radiant Child™ yoga instructor, Ali has a true talent for keeping young students engaged, while learning simple life skills, such as relaxation, balance, and breath work. Ali practices these skills with her two little daughters who are both practicing yoginis. A former marathon runner, Ali has found that yoga has added balance and strength to her exercise regimen and calmness and clarity to her multi-tasking life. For more information, visit

Employees And Employers Are Reaping The Benefits Of Low-Cost Health And Wellness Perks

employee perks are often the first thing to go. - AZ Business Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

We’re in a time when it seems the only job benefit that matters is actually having a job. As employers look for ways to cut costs, employee perks are often the first thing to go. As a result, stress increases and morale declines. However, many local employers are taking advantage of low or no-cost simple… Read More →