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Elizabeth Dreckman serves as president and executive director of Arizona School Choice Trust. Dreckman has worked in the world of education reform and school choice for more than a decade. She previously served as development and outreach manager for the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children, as well as outreach coordinator for the Institute for Justice. She lives in the East Valley.

7 Steps To Taking The Corporate Tax Credit

corporate tax credit

With the deadline looming, did your company get the tax credit? Here are seven easy steps to taking the corporate tax credit. Each year, companies that do business in Arizona are eligible to participate in the corporate tax credit program — it’s free to participate, as it’s simply a redirection of your state tax liability… Read More →

Arizona School Choice Trust, Tax Credit Gives Students Hope

Arizona School Choice Trust

The mission of Arizona School Choice Trust is to provide hope and opportunity to Arizona’s neediest children. We need your help to continue to provide educational options to these desperate families. Corporations can be a part of our amazing success stories by participating in Arizona’s Corporate Tax Credit Program. Corporations with an Arizona corporate income… Read More →

A Solution To The Education Crisis: Arizona Paving The Way

Enterprise Bank & Trust

You’ve read the dismal facts and figures: only 76.1 percent of Arizona children graduate from high school. There are 90,000 students in Arizona at schools that receive D-grades – enough children to fill a stadium. These facts and figures are not just heady factoids, they equate to a very real and urgent problem for employers… Read More →

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the Arizona Tax Credit Program?

Arizona Tax Credit, ASCT

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the Arizona Tax Credit Program? Did you know that Arizona businesses can redirect their entire state tax liability to scholarship organizations that help improve education in Arizona statewide?  If your business is not taking advantage of these credits, please read on. The Program The Arizona Tax Credit program allows… Read More →