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Eric Miller is a principal at PADT Inc. He is often called on to speak on the use of simulation and 3D Printing to enhance product development.

Millennials in tech: Turning what makes them different into an advantage

millennials in the workplace

It has become a standard part of any gathering of tech sector senior management; the “Millennials!” discussion. The generation that is referred to as Millennials grew up in a different world than the generations that now run and manage businesses. In fact, those of us who run tech enterprises are the ones that created the… Read More →

5 ways to implement sustainable tech to save your business money

creative offices
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We all put blue trash bins into the office to collect recyclables. There, done. You are now a company that works towards a more sustainable world. Maybe you even put “think twice before printing” on the bottom of all your company’s emails. These are great for being “green,” but they do not do much to… Read More →

Are you ready for artificial intelligence to change your business?

Artificial intelligence

The whole idea of artificial intelligence, or AI for short, was the stuff of science fiction for decades. Then it was the next big thing that was going to change the world, accompanied by much hype. And while we were worrying about what it all meant, AI sort of happened without the expected fanfare. It… Read More →

Silicon Desert Insider: Self-driving cars are driving big changes in tech

Waymo self-driving car
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It has become commonplace – a vehicle driving down the road with a big radar dome on the roof, cameras and such attached to the side, and a human behind the wheel just along for the ride. The Phoenix metro area has become a hotbed of testing self-driving autonomous cars. Soon they will move beyond… Read More →

Silicon Desert Insider: It’s time for Arizona startups to grow up

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It is hard. You invest your time and heart into getting those young ones ready for the world. You want to encourage them, protect them, give them as much opportunity as possible. All we want is for them to succeed and contribute to the community. One of the hardest parts of rearing them is that… Read More →

Large tech companies are critical to a startup community

Self-Service Technologies, Technology
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During a recent interview on the local tech startup community, I was asked to list the features of a vibrant startup ecosystem. I ticked off the standard items like access to capital, research universities, smart people, support, and a positive regulatory and tax environment. But I felt like something was missing. Later that week, I… Read More →