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Jodi R. Bohr, an attorney with Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A., practices employment and labor law, with an emphasis on litigation, class actions, and HR matters, and is a frequent speaker on a wide range of employment law topics. She may be reached at or 602-530-8035

Arizona heat wave could be hazardous to employees’ health

heat relief network - hot sun

Record-breaking temperatures—the likes of which we really haven’t seen since 1990—take a toll on everyone. This year’s Arizona heat has even grounded planes amid fears that tires could melt or gauges could be compromised. As the temperatures continue to soar, we are reminded of the extra precautions necessary to survive (literally) the hazards that accompany… Read More →

Could tip pooling put local restaurants out of business?

tip pooling for waiters and servers
by in AZ Business Magazine | Legal

The recent uptick in collective action filings against Arizona restaurants compels a Human Resources focus on the requirements of tip pooling and an employer’s decision to take the tip credit. With minimum wage reaching $15.00 per hour in some cities and states, restaurateurs have been forced to address the disparity in pay rates between servers… Read More →

How to avoid a holiday party fiasco

by in AZ Business Magazine | Legal

It’s that time of year again. I, for one, am ready to bring on the holiday cheer, decorate for the holidays and listen to non-stop holiday music until my ears bleed. Why? Because it also means that I’ll soon be watching my favorite Christmas movie, “Love Actually” (yes, it’s considered a Christmas movie) and wrapping… Read More →