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13 fun Peoria attractions to visit

The West Valley is increasingly gaining popularity as a place to hang out, and Peoria is helping make that happen. Here are places to enjoy in Peoria: 1. Peoria Sports Complex: The Peoria Sports Complex was a game changer in 1994, when it became the first Major League Baseball spring training facility in the nation. The… Read More →

Small business optimism high since election, but might not last

Small Business Administration Awards
by in AZ Business Magazine

Last March marked the fifth month of surging optimism levels, but that may come to an end, according to the The Small Business Optimism Index report released by the The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Optimism increased significantly after the election of President Donald Trump, according to the NFIB survey of its members. The… Read More →

As market heats up, Millennials see barriers to buying home

Short Sale - AZ Business Magazine January/February 2012

Millennials are getting older and the generation that has shown a preference for renting are now starting to buy their first homes. The only problem though, is that they might not be able to afford their first home, forcing Millennials to either rely on tough funding methods, or completely missing the time to buy. Homeowner… Read More →

ASU Sustainability Solutions Festival

Walton Investment To Accelerate Sustainability Efforts
by in AZ Business Magazine

Arizona State University is hosting sustainability events for the month of February. The Sustainability Solutions Festival of events will take place in Phoenix, Tempe and downtown Phoenix. There will be conferences, community gatherings and film screenings encouraging students to  “(re)imagine a more sustainable world.” Events Designing with Nature: How Biophilic Design Improves Lives; February 2, Noon – 1:15… Read More →