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My name is Macy Fuquay. I am a student at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism studying Public Relations. I am tremendously interested in social media and its affects on advertising and business development. I also hope to enter into law within the next few years.

Measures Taken By Maricopa County ESD Fails To Increase Number Of Employees With Food Handler’s Card

Some Maricopa County Restaurant Employees Fail to get Food Handler's Card

Restaurant employees in Tempe are not equipped to serve food without a food handler’s card, and the measures taken by the city are not increasing the number of employees who have obtained them. These cards are required for all those who are responsible for handling, preparing, serving or selling food suitable for human consumption, according… Read More →

The Fixx Coffee Bar Provides Creative Outlet For Local Artists And Musicians

The Fixx Coffee Bar, Photos: Macy Fuquay
by in Around Arizona | Small Biz

A new music venue and coffee shop in Tempe is providing the local art scene with a creative outlet to display artists’ work – The Fixx Coffee Bar. Managed by ASU student Robbie Pfeffer, 20, The Fixx is the beginning of a completely renovated Tempe and a new addition to the artistic community. “It’s a… Read More →