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Michael R. Hunter is a recent graduate of Arizona State University, with a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies degree in business and communications. Having started three successful businesses before the age of 21, Michael speaks about business, college and success at a young age. He also inspires thousands of people daily through his Facebook community "Right Mind Set." His most recent accomplishment was founding Entourage Marketing, a social media marketing company, which was a top 20 finalist for the Edson Entrepreneurship Initiative in July 2011. Michael works with business owners from all over the country and holds informational workshops to help people understand and tackle the social media beast.

7 Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Business

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Michael Hunter at Entourage Marketing provides you with seven marketing tips to help your business grow. 1. Create a catchy name and a solid brand The naming and presentation of your brand is vital. You want to create a name that both represents your product or service and is memorable. Recently, a new text messaging application… Read More →