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Michelle De Blasi practices environmental and natural resources law at the Phoenix office of Quarles & Brady.

Energy roadmap helps diversify Arizona’s energy mix

It’s no secret that fossil fuels comprise a substantial portion of the U.S. energy generation resources. Even with several western states’ recent decisions to retire their coal generation resources, currently those resources are more often being replaced with natural gas than with clean energy resources. These decisions are being driven in large part by the… Read More →

Arizona needs clear message to capitalize on energy

energy supply - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2012

States with the most successful industry clusters have a common characteristic — unwavering support from government, industry and the public. The oil and gas industry in Texas was built with support for the industry from all levels. Such support is not garnered unless the industry has a common voice in articulating its needs. To some… Read More →

Pending Favorable Legislation For Investors In Renewable Energy

Despite significant investments in renewable energy technologies in the US, manufacturing and deployment of renewable energy has lagged relative to the size of the US economy according to the recently released “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race 2012,” published by The Pew Charitable Trust. In an effort to spur investment, bipartisan legislation was recently re-introduced… Read More →

Time Is Running Out To Cash In On Solar Stimulus Funds

Cash In On Solar Stimulus Funds - AZ Business Magazine Sept/Oct 2010

Companies and investors across Arizona are deciding whether it’s time to “go solar.” As with any other financial undertaking, moving forward with solar must make economic sense. Despite dramatic strides in technology, solar energy projects are not yet viable without government incentives. Those hoping to maximize incentives for solar should note that a particularly useful… Read More →