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Robert is the owner of Uncle Sal’s Restaurant & Bar, a family owned and operated restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz., which provides classic Italian cuisine. The guiding hands that The Molinari Family brings to Uncle Sal's Italian Restaurant is a combined 40 years of experience as hospitality professionals to the classic work of catering. Award-winning Chef James Molinari's kitchen prepares appetizers, entrees and desserts that have made this eatery known to locals as well as visitors to the Valley of the Sun as, "a piece of Italy found right here in Scottsdale." Uncle Sal’s has received numerous accolades and awards including Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and the prestigious DiRōNA Award. For locations, menus, catering and other information, please visit

Handling Family-Driven Issues Within Your Family Business

Family business

Just about every business has one: the parent who either started the family business, ascended to the throne, or had the bright idea to buy the life-changing endeavor. Either way, he has the power to bring you into the company or kick you out, to raise your salary or lower your expectations. We’re calling him… Read More →

Making A Family Owned Business Work

Family Owned Business

Making a Family Owned Business Work: Lessons from Two Family Owned Neighborhood Favorite Restaurants — Uncle Sal’s and The Side Door It’s no secret that owning a business can be all-consuming — especially family owned businesses. Even if not every family member is directly involved in the day-to-day operations, they are affected by the business… Read More →