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Roger S. Owers is an attorney and commercial real estate agent. He holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering, is a registered professional civil engineer, and is a licensed attorney. His focus is on complex and hairy commercial real estate and land deals, including deals in Indian Country.

Cost/utilization modeling: A tool for improving your bottom line

Arizona Green Jobs Increase

For many companies, real estate constitutes a large portion of the company’s assets, liabilities, expenses or perhaps all three. Additionally, whether through organic growth, piece-meal acquisitions, or simply an intense focus on the company’s core business, the company may find itself with a hodge-podge collection of real estate holdings that has little financial, functional or… Read More →

Charter school zoning in Arizona: A tool for economic development

best high schools

Not all states are as friendly to charter schools as Arizona. But as charter schools continue to set up shop in Arizona, they get to avoid challenges related to zoning, an ability that can be quite useful in infill locations. The symbiotic interplay of rooftops and charter schools — aided by charter schools’ zoning treatment… Read More →

Sovereignty and opportunity through tribal land development

Tribal lands
by in AZRE Magazine

A July 2016 article by Matthew S. Robinson in “Indian Gaming” magazine identified a 35-percent increase in the construction of spas in Indian Casinos between 2010 and 2016. Indeed, many Indian Tribes are developing their lands with projects that support their casinos, or projects that simply diversify their economy and drive economic development in general. In… Read More →