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Ryan Bordow is a lifelong art enthusiast whose biggest passions include writing movies and writing about movies. He is currently studying both Film Production and Media Analysis at Arizona State University. Visit his personal website for more of his thoughts on film. When he’s not writing, he enjoys the study of theology and philosophy, and traveling the world whenever he can afford it.

Comedian Demetri Martin shares his thoughts on directorial debut, ‘Dean’

Demetri Martin in Dean

Last month I had the opportunity to sit down in Scottsdale with Demetri Martin: renowned stand-up comedian and director of the upcoming movie “Dean”, his award-winning directorial debut about relationships and loss. The film will be released on June 2, and Martin will be performing in Scottsdale on July 29th for his “Let’s Get Awkward”… Read More →

Review: Does ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ live up to the first one?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Remember what a breath of fresh air “Guardians of the Galaxy” was? In a world of countless superhero movies that are structurally identical, Marvel’s brightly colored universe of ragtag raccoons and talking trees was a blast of originality. Or so Marvel Studios and writer/director James Gunn wanted you to think. In reality, 2014’s “Guardians of… Read More →

Review: Give in to the guilty pleasures of ‘Free Fire’

Free Fire
by in Experience AZ Magazine

You know how modern trailers are annoying because they give away the entire film? That scenario is practically impossible to avoid with “Free Fire.” The trailer consists of a handful of eclectic personalities quipping and shooting at each other. The movie consists of a handful of eclectic personalities quipping and shooting at each other. So… Read More →

Review: ‘Colossal’ uses exciting metaphor for emotional drama

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Where has Anne Hathaway been? She wins an Oscar for Best Actress and suddenly her discernment in picking movie roles increases in selectivity. If you want to find her nowadays, you’ll have to seek out an indie drama/monster movie mashup called “Colossal”. This bizarre film is well worth the search: “Colossal”, for better and for… Read More →

What you need to know about the Phoenix Film Festival

Lovers of film, festivities, or both: it’s a good time to be in Arizona! The Phoenix Film Festival — an eight-day extravaganza that boasts over 175 movies and a smorgasbord of events for filmmakers and lovers of movies alike — is starting this week. It’s the largest film festival in the state, taking place at… Read More →

‘Ghost in the Shell’ is a shell of the original

American remakes of classic foreign films are typically a bad idea. Now there’s a remake that could dissuade American filmmakers from pursuing such a venture for the remainder of human history. Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 anime film “Ghost in the Shell” — based on a manga series of the same name — is a masterpiece of… Read More →

Review: If you wanted aliens in ‘Gravity,’ then ‘Life’ is for you

by in Experience AZ Magazine

Hollywood is on an endless quest to warn us about the dangers of aliens and space, and we are powerless to stop it. Did you watch “Gravity” and wish there were aliens in addition to the thrills of perilously flying around in deep space? Did you watch “The Thing” and wish there was a claustrophobic… Read More →

‘Trainspotting’ fans will like ‘T2 Trainspotting’

by in Experience AZ Magazine

Choose life. Choose entertainment. Choose movies. Choose sitting alone in a dark theater, watching art made by someone you don’t know. Choose movie reviews, so you know to only choose “T2 Trainspotting” if you’re a big fan of the original “Trainspotting”. 1996’s “Trainspotting” was a cultural phenomenon.  The chaotic, arthouse-tinged black comedy stared unflinchingly into… Read More →

Arizona director hopes ‘Car Dogs’ will boost local film industry

Car Dogs
by in Experience AZ Magazine

I recently sat down with Adam Collis, the director of the upcoming “Car Dogs”: a movie made by and for Arizonans. The film, which was shot in Scottsdale and features fierce competition between car salesmen, opens up a unique opportunity for the movie business in The Grand Canyon State. Our conversation has been edited for… Read More →

Review: ‘Kong’ thrills and rumbles back on to the screen

Kong: Skull Island

Stop waiting for the summer to roll around. The most exciting blockbuster of the year is already here. “Kong: Skull Island” is the fifth movie since 1933 to feature the giant ape. This time, the simian overlord is making his appearance to build up Legendary Entertainment’s ‘MonsterVerse’: a connected universe that will soon feature movie… Read More →

Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ dazzles with modern technology

Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time? Maybe not: the original story is about 4,000 years old. But 2017’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a tale at least as old as 1991. Disney is in the middle of a live-action rampage, remaking many of their animated classics and igniting the nostalgia fires of fans worldwide. Not… Read More →

Review: ‘Logan’ ends an era on a high-note

It is the end of an era. “Logan” is the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Now that we live under a deluge of superhero movies, it’s easy to forget that not long ago, few were taking comic book movies seriously. At the turn of the millennium they were campy at best and disasters… Read More →

Review: ‘Get Out’ explores horror movie trope

Get out
by in Experience AZ Magazine

Why are black people usually the first to die in horror movies? Some think that it’s a harmless trope, or perhaps an enduring coincidence. “Get Out” is here to argue that it’s the result of ideologies that perpetuate systemic racism throughout American society. What better way to make that point than taking on the form… Read More →

Review: ‘Fist Fight’ falls on its face in the first round

Fist Fight
by in Experience AZ Magazine

Do you know what it’s like to sit in a theater full of people watching a comedy and not hear any laughter? It’s unbearably awkward. Hearing joke after joke met with deafening silence is not an entertaining experience. You know what would be funnier than “Fist Fight”? Watching a room full of bewildered people watching… Read More →

Q&A: Charlie Day of ‘Always Sunny’ and Richie Keen talk new comedy, ‘Fist Fight’

Charlie Day
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I recently sat down with Charlie Day and Richie Keen, a star and the director of the new comedy “Fist Fight”. The two had previously collaborated on the long-running TV comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and have re-teamed for the new film, which features Charlie Day and Ice Cube as two teachers who plan… Read More →