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The 5 best travel apps to use when traveling internationally

There are so many travel apps available today.  It seems like people keep developing more and more solutions to problems I have never heard of.  It can be overwhelming.  I’ve found that organizing my apps into two folders, “Travel” & “To Be Tested,” makes finding what works and what doesn’t a lot easier.  If there’s… Read More →

What are the pros and cons of travel insurance?

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Travel insurance, like all insurance, is a necessary evil.  It’s something you buy that you hope you don’t have to use. The two main reasons to buy travel insurance are one, to protect your investment, and two, to protect yourself.  If you are planning to spend several hundred or several thousand dollars planning your dream… Read More →

3 recommendations for your next company retreat 

Each company retreat is an opportunity not only to regroup and revitalize an organization but where you go also says something to your employees about the values of your company.  Every destination and property has a unique personality.  It’s fun to find that perfect spot for a working vacation.  If you need a place in… Read More →