5 Local Unique Bike Shops, Products

Cycling in Phoenix is slowly becoming a staple, with Phoenix’s Grid Bike Share opening up in the city soon, and for near perfect cycling weather conditions lately, biking in Phoenix has become increasingly popular.

The best way to support the local cycling scene is to go local, either with bikes, parts, or accessories. Phoenix has many unique local shops. All are part of the local bike culture, and here are some companies that offer a great cycling experience.

State Bicycle Co.
State Bicycle Co. was started up by ASU entrepreneurs in 2009 and has gotten bigger and bigger ever since. The company is based in Tempe and sells limited edition fixed gear bicycles. Along with its bikes, State Bicycle Co. also sells an array of parts, clothes and accessories. It also has a full-service bicycle shop for fixed gear cycles in Phoenix on Virginia and 7th streets.

Slippery Pig
Posted on Central Avenue, next to Pane Bianco and Lux Coffeebar, Slippery Pig offers friendly and knowledgeable service as well as a wide variety of bikes. Slippery Pig also sells its own cycling jerseys for those who want to take their cycling to the next level. The jerseys are hilarious, with a pig on its front, to coincide with the store’s memorable name.

The Heavy Pedal
Starting out as a local website that sold cycling T-shirts and jerseys specifically tailored toward those in the “bike culture,” The Heavy Pedal has now expanded into a shop and a bicycle retailer. Its sells its own track bike, ZEPHYR, along with all of the T-shirts and hoodies that made the store famous. Not only that, but the Heavy Pedal has its very own storefront on Madison and 8th Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

BOOGÜD Bamboo Bicycle
Started by a Biochemical Engineering Student at ASU, Derrick Loud, BOOGÜD makes bamboo bicycles for a good cause. The bikes are light in weight and offer a smooth ride, and with every purchase a hand mobility device will be donated to someone who is confined to a wheelchair in Africa.

Started by two ASU entrepreneurs, CycleLights LLC, offers a new and cool way to add some flare to your bike. Purchase one of their many colors that they have for sale and attach the string of lights to the wheel of your bike and you’re on your way. The lights spin around with the wheel, giving your bike that cosmic look as you pedal through the streets at night.