The Dish: Cherries in Honey Syrup Recipe

September is the National Honey Month and we’re celebrating with some recipes featuring this liquid gold.

Even though the calendar says it’s fall, there’s still time to can and preserve for those cold (or not so cold) Arizona winters. These syrupy sweet cherries are super simple and taste incredible on almost anything!

Cherries in Honey Syrup

Makes 5 Pints

— 3 1/2 lbs picked over cherries

— 5 cups water

— 1 cup honey, preferably local

— 1/2 cup evaporated cane sugar, white sugar or more honey

For the full recipe and detailed instructions visit Seasonal Eating.

Try it with:

– Some toasted bread with ricotta cheese and toasted almonds

– Warm it up and spoon over vanilla ice cream or a slice of poundcake for a quick and easy dessert

– Halve and layer over fresh cream in a tart shell for a fast and elegant dessert

– Muddle them up with your favorite adult beverage for a fun twist on your favorite cocktail!

Click on the image below to print the recipe:

Cherries in Honey