Meet the Models of Scottsdale 16: Jenna Wood

Scottsdale 16, part of Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations, is an elite group of young, beautiful women in Arizona who can be booked for a variety of events. These outgoing ladies provide a professional yet fun vibe to any atmosphere, whether they’re hosting corporate parties, special events, modeling for promotional events or walking at runway shows.

Jenna Wood

Jenna Wood

Meet Jenna Wood, who recently gave Scottsdale Living a few of her favorite swimsuit trends this summer!

How did you start modeling?
I grew up dancing at a studio. When I stepped into the professional dance industry, it was important to have a modeling portfolio. It all blossomed from there once I met the right people.

What type of modeling do you like the most and why?
I prefer print over runway because I’m not among the tallest girls. I like fun and sexy shoots, something tasteful yet unique.

What is your favorite shoot you’ve done?
I did a really amazing photoshoot at an abandoned potato barn a few years ago. It was a huge venue with tons of graffiti and broken glass. We got creative and had a blast.

What’s your favorite modeling photo?
My favorite photo, to this day, is a shoot I did when I was 18 by Benizo. He caught me in a perfect high-kick while wearing heels and a fedora! It’s such a beautiful shot and he is an amazing photographer.

What advice would you give someone interesting in modeling?
I would recommend practicing in the mirror. I grew up in a dance studio so I spent years in front of a wall of mirrors. It’s important when learning your angles and how to use light.

What is your favorite place to eat in Scottsdale?
I think I could eat at Sushi Roku everyday for the rest of my life. It’s definitely the freshest sushi you can find in Scottsdale, combined with a sexy atmosphere and fantastic service. Every time I walk in, they bring me a glass of my usual Malbec!

What is your favorite bar/nightclub in Scottsdale?
If I’m in the mood to get dolled up, I definitely love Maya. It’s a little taste of Vegas and they always have my favorite DJs. If I’m just trying to go out and have a beer, I stay at El Hefe Scottsdale or Bottled Blonde.