Copper Wind

Arizona's First Full-Length Western, "Copper Wind," Under Way

This summer, writer/director Chaz Lee and Valley production company Six Gun Entertainment, LLC are filming the first-ever feature length western, “Copper Wind,” filmed exclusively in Arizona. The production, which centers on love, hate, vengeance and discovery, will feature all Arizona scenery and talent.

Production began on June 6, with a cast of more than 25 Arizona professionals. Numerous other Arizona personalities will make cameo appearances in the film, including:

• Cory McCloskey (FOX 10 news),
• Bill Thompson (Wallace and Ladmo show),
• Bobbi Jeen Olson (Arizona Country TV),
• Bob Roloff (the Arizona Duuude, Arizona character),
• Pat McMahon (KTAR FM),
• George Nelson (famous stuntman), and
• Patrick Heigl (Sanderson Lincoln), among others.

According to Lee, Copper Wind will showcase all that Arizona has to offer.

“In addition to being the first, full-length western to feature all Arizona talent and incredible scenery, this film has the lingo, locations and wardrobe of 1881,” says Lee. “This is the first Arizona western to be shot exclusively in our state from start to finish. While it is a fictitious tale, moviegoers will experience the turbulent era that was characteristic of the Wild West more than 100 years ago. Six Gun Entertainment decided to move forward in producing this film during the summer of 2012 because a strong production company needed to step up and showcase Arizona, its history and its ability to complete an exciting movie that will stimulate interest in our state’s film community.”

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7 thoughts on “Arizona's First Full-Length Western, "Copper Wind," Under Way

  1. Yvete

    How can this be promoted as Arizona’s “first” full length western? There have been several feature films shot exclusively in Arizona, the most recent was The Gundown filmed around Benson in 2009-2010. (It recently aired on Showtime in fact.) If this movie is noteworthy for anything, it seems to be that it’s an All-Arizona cast shooting entirely in Arizona. But that’s not how they are promoting it. And whether it’s truly the first feature to be All-Arizona cast is unknown too.

  2. Informed

    There are many westerns shot exclusively in Arizona with all Arizona cast and crew over the years. This is a marketing claim that is unsubstantiated.

    2009’s Redemption was a western shot by local film maker Rob Conway. Everyone was local. Yes, there is a company (Galaxy Films) listed that is based in California… but that’s for business working in Hollywood. The film was still made in Arizona, with an all Arizona cast and crew.

    There are other westerns that meet this criteria as well. Mind is blank on them right now, but suffice it to say that this is a marketing statement and definitely not fact checked or based in reality.

  3. Bill

    Chaz, by that logic, every movie is a “first” at something. And I can guarantee its not the first feature film made entirely in AZ. Many film students or recent film graduates make their own western feature films all the time in entirely AZ.

  4. Ed Gary

    What is meant by that is that even to Post Production and pre production work was also done in Arizona by Arizona Film Industry people.

    Nothing has been done for this film Outside Arizona by non Arizona Companies or personnel.

    Most films will use outside help on some of the actual Production areas of a film not knowing that service is available here in Arizona or feel that if say Color Correction is better if done in LA. Truth is the same equipment is used here and with like quality.

    This film has no ties to anyone or any company outside Arizona.

    Enjoy the film and promote the fact that ” We Can Do It ” right here in Arizona.

  5. LeeAnn Sharpe

    I am looking forward to seeing this film based on the reports I get from those involved in the production.The photos I have seen from the shoot look like first class wardrobe and make-up. Sets are diverse and authentic. It looks to be a 1st class production.

  6. Carolyn Knott

    Refreshing to finally read the words “step up” and “showcase Arizona” as related to filming in this state; first, last, longest, shortest regardless! What matters is FILMING/PRODUCTION.

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