go lb. salt to Host Tasting, Bacon Curing and Meat Aging Courses

Awards & Events | 22 Mar, 2013 | Eric Shepperd

Arizona-based go lb. salt knows their sodium chloride and is sharing their love of salty goodness with fans across the Valley as they launch a series of Salt Education classes. Classes will be held at My AZ Kitchen located at 3821 East Baseline Road in Gilbert, and begin on March 29.

bbqFounded by owners Aaron and Liz Eckburg in 2011, go lb. salt is Arizona’s original salt bar, bringing premium sea salts to select local farmers markets in the Phoenix area. go lb. salt offers natural & organic sea salts and smoked sea salts, Himalayan aromatic sea salts, Himalayan saltware cooking and serving slabs, premium imported peppercorns & pepper berries along with certified organic flavored cane sugars.

Additionally the duo has created Pore Essentials sugar and salt scrubs, rim-licks organic cocktail rimmers, Dressing Up—salad dressing blends and other seasonings. All products are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

go lb. salt’s “Chitchen Kemistry” Series includes:

Sea Salt Tasting & Pairing: March 29 or June 20 (single session): This course will acquaint you with the most overlooked and misunderstood element in the kitchen – salt. Learning both theory and practice when it comes to using salt in food preparation and why the idea that salt is salt is salt is so wrong! $45

BYO Beef: April 18, May 2 & May 15 (3-session class): This course will take you through both the theory and actual process of dry aging your own beef at home. $110

more baconMakin’ Bacon: April 25 & May 9 (2-session class): This course will take you through the theory and actual process of curing your own bacon at home. $110

Saltware: May 23 (single session): This course will take you through the theory and actual process of cooking on the Himalayan salt block. $110

black truffleJoy of Black Truffle Salt: June 6 (single session): This course will take you through the various types of truffles, the science behind the phenomenal flavor components of truffles, their growth and harvest as well as their culinary uses. $50

go lb. salt is offering a special discount for early registration for the BYO Beef, Makin’ Bacon and Saltware classes now through March 28. Interested participants should enter code SALT at checkout during the registration process.

To view the full lineup of classes and to register, visit golbsalt.com

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