Consumer product review: artdesigns delivers

Every once in awhile, when reviewing products, you get that one – the one you intuitively know is going to knock your socks off. 

artdesigns, a purveyor of licensed canvas art, provided us with a few pieces to select from for review. I selected “Wing II Silver,” from the “Spring collection,” largely because it (selfishly) matches my living room ensemble. At the time (note foreshadowing), I didn’t particularly select the artwork for its textural or depth-related attributes – shallow, I know – but it did appear to be constructed with integrity and quality, at least from what the photography demonstrated. 

Fast forward to a week or so later when Wing II Silver arrives on my porch, with another wall-art sized package. Now keep in mind, I receive any number of products in a day (lucky!), and since there were two – I wasn’t necessarily anticipating my butterfly wings had arrived. I’m telling you – honest truth – when I put my paws on the first package I knew … SOCKS ABOUT TO BE KNOCKED OFF.

As enthralled as you are with my tangential setup, I’ll skip to the point. Bravo artdesigns for providing quality, polished wall decor at an appropriate, respectable price point. Wing II Silver is $89.99 at 20″ x 30″ x 1.25.” 

Now, for those of you who noted the foreshadowing, the canvas-wrapped artwork consists of beautiful and vibrant blues compliments of a color palette knife and with screen foil print. I tried to take a picture with my camera so you could have your socks knocked off too, but my Cannon didn’t do it justice. Again, props to artdesigns for hiring a quality photographer (as noted in the pics we included here).

For fellow skeptics who might be saying, “But Erin, why artdesigns, when there are a million other canvas print wall art options?” I’d like to reiterate my usage of “quality and appropriate pricing,” which I think you’ll agree can be something largely askew with similar canvas decor vendors. artdesigns is also obviously selective in the artists for whom they license. 

As for the other package that arrived with my beautiful butterfly wings, that would be artdesigns “Classic Rides” (also pictured). I was likewise impressed with the quality, pricing and composition, however (and maybe it’s because there was no silver screen foil), it didn’t quite knock both socks off – definitely one, though. 

Now with bare feet and aesthetically impressive canvas filled walls, I ask myself, “Would I buy another canvas from artdesigns? You bet your socks I would! I recommend perusing the “new arrivals” – I have dibs on “Looking Back” for a friend who loves horses. I can hardly wait to knock her socks off.

artdesigns receives a 5/5 rating, hands (and feet) down