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The Art Of Decorating: Complementing The Theme Of Your Home

The Art of Decorating: Choosing the perfect art piece to complement the theme of your home.

You can enhance the look of anything with the addition of an eye-catching conversation starter, whether it be a diamond necklace dangling from your neck or a work of art hanging on the wall of your living room.

But knowing what will appropriately — and stylishly — complement your look is the real task. Just as you wouldn’t wear every piece of jewelry you own at one time, the same goes for decorating your home with pieces of art.

With a plan in mind and a few tips from interior design experts, you’ll be able to turn heads and keep those eyes from rolling the next time your guests walk into your home.

Stick to a theme

Shopping, by most, can be considered the best part of decorating your home, but before you begin shopping, the first step is to think about the theme of your room and how you want to develop your space.

“The aspiring art connoisseur should think about how important they consider artwork to be in their overall design scheme,” says Krystyn Moroz, owner and principle designer of DTN Design Group.Keep a color scheme in mind — whether you’re taking more of a modern-inspired route or incorporating a vintage feel to the room. Designers agree to look at the surrounding colors and textures. If you notice a lot of patterns on your carpets, furniture and walls, look at solid-colored art pieces.Next, ask yourself where you should place the art. Look at the space you are decorating and determine what size fits best in that specific area. The art your purchase can’t be too large for the room. For instance, if the room you’ve chosen is a living room, don’t use pieces that block people from socializing, like placing a large vase on the table between couches.Also, avoid hanging one painting on each wall of the room, says Paula Den Boer, an interior designer with Ashley P Designs.

Den Boer adds that if you choose glass pieces, avoid placing them by windows; this will camouflage the glass art.

Once you’ve determined the theme, take a few photos of the room and bring them with you when you begin shopping. This will help prevent you from purchasing too many of the wrong items, including those that do not match the color scheme and/or those that will literally not fit.

5 tips when choosing an art piece:

1. Find something you love. Avoid purchasing art to please your guests; be sure you’re absolutely sold on it before you buy it.
2. Stick to a theme. Even if your personal style is an eclectic one, putting random pieces together does not always make the perfect match.
3. Experts agree that you should take a photo with you when you are shopping. It is easier to match colors and remember where everything is placed in your home.
4. Look at the sizes of your décor. If you find a piece too large or small for your room, it won’t add any value to your space.
5. Don’t agonize over the choice if you don’t want to. Consult a friend or an interior designer.

Where to shop ‘til you drop

You do not need to buy the most expensive Picasso to add a touch of elegance to your room. According to Moroz, you can find art just about anywhere.

“A diamond is a diamond whether you find it at a jewelry store or in the dirt at the side of the road,” Moroz says.

While great art pieces can be found in galleries or showrooms like Think Art in Scottsdale, art can also be found at thrift stores, flea markets, a garage sale or even at the mall. Or, for those avid online shoppers, try out Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy or many other online stores. Use your online resources to not only find the best deal, but also prevent driving around town.

Choosing Art

Scottsdale, and Phoenix, are also comprised of local artists and art fairs, f you want to find that unique, one-of-a-kind piece. First Friday Artwalk in Downtown Phoenix has more than 70 art galleries, venues and related spaces. You can have a night on the town and a shopping trip all at the same time.

On the hunt

While you’re on your artwork hunt, don’t feel limited as to what could be considered art. According to Moroz, it can be virtually anything.

“Paintings, sculptures, finely-crafted furniture, botanicals, accessories like vases or candles — all of these things and more comprise the vast universe of art,” Moroz says.

Art can also be both stylish and functional, such as an ottoman you can also use to store items or a painting that relaxes you. Also, a set of three same-scent candles of varying sizes can be just as relaxing.

Adding subtle things can help you develop a space. From a life-size portrait to a bowl of rose petals, find the right accent to give your home the style and coziness it needs.
Because, according to Den Boer, “A room without art is a room without warmth.”

For more information on choosing art for your home, visit:

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