Tiffany Yellow Diamond Ring

Gems To Impress: Jewelry Gift Guide

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.” While Audrey Hepburn may be right, let’s not give men the wrong impression; we love necklaces and rings, too. And, gentlemen, we threw a few items in the mix for you as well.

Jewelry Gift Guide:

Jewelry Gift Guide - Scottsdale Living Fall 2012

1. Tiffany Yellow Diamond Ring (18k), $65,000, 2. Cornelis Hollander Black Swan Collection, $495, 3. Tiffany Enchant Diamond Scroll Pendant (18k rose gold), $30,000, 4. Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Pendant in RUBEDO Metal, $1,250, 5. Tiffany 1837 Wide Ring in RUBEDO Metal, $650, 6. David Yurman Black Diamond Cufflinks, $2,200, 7. Tiffany Enchant Diamond Scroll Pendant (18k rose gold), $58,000, 8. Cornelis Hollander Black Swan Collection (blue topaz), $885,

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