Give Me a Crown Made of Flowers: Floral Headdresses

Often accompanying an ad showcasing the newest perfume as well as complimenting the heads of spring brides everywhere, floral headdresses seem to be the new trendy item. Fresh flowers or fake flowers, just give us flowers in our hair. With a romantic notion and a nod to the 1970s, I love the idea of shopping in my flower garden.

My mother of the flower child generation wore them daily. Roses, daises, wildflowers, you name it, and she would match her blossoms to her wardrobe.

Her floral ways rubbed off on me as a child as my sister and I often made daisy chains; and as they say, history repeats as here I am growing into my twenties and back to embracing the nostalgic crowns. From everyday to wedding day, I love the mythological feeling of adding a flower or two.

Love the notion and fancy creating a crown of flowers of your own? Hippies everywhere unite; it is extremely easy to design, create and implement a beautiful floral arrangement… for your head.


What you’ll need

Supplies for fake Flowers: Scissors, floral tape, headband, hot glue gun.

Supplies for real Flowers: Floral Wire, floral tape, scissors.

Quick tips

  • Use a headband for a sturdy base. You can also wrap it in green floral tape to blend accordingly with the greens stems of your selected florals.
  • Invest in silk flowers, they’re not only prettier but less likely to fade over time.
  • A hot glue gun is your friend when choosing to do a fake flower headdress. Green wire is your friend when choosing real flowers.

Click on over to for the full DIY tutorial.

Grab your tools and your flowers and I’ll see you there!

What are your thoughts on adding a bit of garden to your hair? Strictly renaissance fair fun or wonderfully romantic headgear? Tweet me your thoughts and pictures at