Pearl Laser Resurfacing - Scottsdale Living May/June 2011

Pearl Laser Resurfacing Helps Reverse The Signs Of Aging

Wrinkles, sun splotches, uneven skin tones — these are just a few things altering skin conditions today and haunting us as we grow older. While there are hundreds, even thousands of treatments, not many boast the same process and effects as the Pearl Laser and Pearl Fractional treatments offered at the North Valley Plastic Surgery Center (NVPSC).

Stacey Bailey-Gitt, a laser technician and anesthesiologist at NVPSC, describes the treatment as an easier way to remove aging signs and skin damage.

“These treatments target skin resurfacing,” Bailey-Gitt says. “It isn’t a skin tightening procedure like other common surgeries and treatments.”

With Pearl Laser Treatment, younger looking skin is just around the corner and is available in two types. The first targets the epidermis and upper layers of the skin. The second targets the deeper skin layers and has a longer recovery time of five to seven days, according to Bailey-Gitt.

At the North Valley Plastic Surgery Center, each Pearl treatment is set up uniquely for the patient. The technician sculpts the treatment based on a patient’s pain tolerance, the portion of face being treated and the desired result. As a non-invasive surgery, these skin treatments are ideal for multiple kinds of cases.

“I like to categorize things,” Bailey-Gitt says. “We have our prevention cases who want to prevent aging, our corrective cases who want to correct aging that has already occurred, and maintenance cases that maintain previous facial treatments and surgeries.”

Many clients have sought facial treatments in preparation for summer, hoping to both rid the skin of aging signs and prevent further skin damage from the sun.

Recovery time spans from three to seven days and requires skin ointment, as well as the application of SPF to achieve the best results. During the recovery process, the skin rids itself of the unwanted wrinkles, spots and blotches, leaving the skin healthier, younger and brighter.

Compared to most skin surgery treatments, Pearl Laser Treatment and Pearl Fractional Laser treatments have a much shorter recovery time and are a great deal less invasive, making the procedure much more appealing to interested clients.

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