The Best Of Scottsdale – Rock the Vote!

The Scottsdale woman.

She owns a proper tweed jacket fit for Kate Middleton but pairs it with a bronze glow of which the duchess dreams.

She knows confidence is her best feature and best friends are better than therapy.

She loves  a solid cocktail but always keeps a few more wits about her than the other girl.

She’s a savvy spender, a curator of closets and, when it comes to beauty of her own as well as the beauty of her home, she’s a benefactor of the truly talented.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 4.59.54 PMThis month, we debuted the Best of Scottsdale: the Hot 100, which showcases, supports and celebrates the best of what our fair city has to offer in the ways of health, beauty, home, garden, style, food and fun. We believe our nominees (and any you share!) are the quintessential particles that make up the big reason people love to live, shop and visit here.

Don’t find your fav? Add them in! We’re depending on you to celebrate your local hotspots. And hey, hot Scottsdale folks, in case you were wondering: YOU’RE the reason they come. Our great people are behind why others love to live, shop and visit here.

Keep up the good work, and vote here.