New Flash Sale Site, LuxeYard, Offers Unique Home Design Feature

As the economy took a turn for the worst in 2007, the demand for high-end luxury items quickly followed. Emerging from the ashes came a new billion-dollar industry of online flash sale sites.

Such member-only sites offered their trusted followers deep discounts on high-end luxury items. With this new wave of e-commerce shopping, the flash sale site LuxeYard has changed the game all over again.

LuxeYard features luxury home furnishings, décor and fashion with members-only access to unique products sourced by a seasoned team of expert buyers.

“Unlike other flash sale sites, the fashion and home interiors featured on LuxeYard are curated with a personalized approach from the expert point of view of our veteran buying and styling team,” says Braden Richter, CEO of LuxeYard. “We present styles and designs based on quality, not quantity, and we feature up-and-coming designers in addition to popular brands.”

This free-to-sign-up site is able to deliver such discounted prices by eliminating overhead costs, including cost of building, advertising, storage and physical labor, presented in traditional physical stores.

Adding a personal touch

An additional touch to what makes LuxeYard so special for its members is its personal shopping experience using its “Concierge” feature, which gives members the opportunity to give their input regarding what’s offered on the site.

“Anyone who posts, likes, follows or comments on a Concierge product will be the first to know when we have sourced a great price on the products in which they have expressed interest in,” Richter adds of this unique site tool.

Virtually design your room

LuxeYardAs if it couldn’t get better, LuxeYard has managed to incorporate what they call their Drag & Drop Room Planner tool. In reality, however, this fun feature is every homeowner’s dream come true. This Room Planner tool allows members to visually view their room set up with layout options to match their personal space. Members can then input exact room dimensions and chose from the site’s wide selection of furniture to then arrange and place wherever desired without breaking a sweat.

“The idea for the room planning tool comes from my experience as a designer of home furnishings,” Richter adds. “I would often draw sketches to see how a particular piece would fit into a room, so it seemed like the same technique made sense for buying furniture online.”

With members highly pleased by the site’s new tool, Richter gave light to possibly adding more photo-realistic technology. This would allow members to upload a photo of their space and overlay items from LuxeYard onto the image.

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