Review: Sam Fox opens Flower Child in Arcadia

The newest addition to Sam Fox Restaurant Concepts’ Phoenix takeover is an unimposing, healthy lunch spot tucked away in an Arcadia strip mall. The space is filled with efficient seating (indoor tables, an intimate outdoor patio on the south side of the restaurant and a bar along the south wall), waves of natural light, an open kitchen and decor inspired by an East Coast potting shed where vases of daisies may just outnumber the customers.


Bar seating on the west side of the restaurant.

Flower Child: A Food Revolution is maybe not what you expect from the name. It’s not a bohemian eatery filled with people (read: hippies, college students) who may have trendy meat and dairy aversions they hide under thrift store buys. On a Saturday morning, it’s filled with middle-aged people and young people in Anthropologie outfits who are stopping by to grab a quick, healthy bite before moving on with their day. The overall concept of Flower Child is to keep food simple and natural while going to great and noble lengths to do so — finding farmers and ranchers who can supply the right ingredients.

Mix and match side dishes!

Mix and match side dishes!

Chef Clint Woods’ menu is pretty straightforward with a lot of opportunity for mix-and-matching small dishes into a super meal. It has its subtle moments. The avocado hummus is a must-try. It’s smooth, rich in flavor and perfect for two people. The hummus is served with house-made pita bread that’s more like a thick, whole grain tortilla than naan.

Overall, there’s an Asian influence on the flavor palate, particularly among the hot pots and whole grain wraps.

The wraps are perfect for the oncoming summer temperatures; It’s a light meal with light, noncompeting flavors. Wraps are served with a small helping of greens. If you’re feeling a bit cool, the four available hot pots offer veggie, beef, chicken and fish combinations.

Depending on how discerning your tastebuds are, you may rejoice in knowing the menu uses no refined sugar and its bakery/dessert menu has multiple vegan and gluten-free treats. The gluten-free “bittersweet brownie” is a flax-y, tangy, yet fudge-y and sweet delight and already a favorite among staff.
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As for other unique qualities Flower Child brings to the table, there’s a lemonade and tea bar worth a refill (or two). Flavors will change with the season and available ingredients, but even just the basic lemonade is nearly perfect.

The restaurant also offers a few take out options for families and larger parties that can serve between three and eight people. The “Healthy To Go” orders range from $33 to $67.

Visit Flower Child at 5013 N. 44th St., Phoenix,

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