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Flash Websites: Five Unique & Interesting Ones

Flash WebsitesWhile there are so many good flash websites out there, this list is of five of the more unique and interesting ones on the internet at the moment, from all sorts of different subjects. Whether you want to learn something, motivate yourself or play a game, these five sites are definitely worth a look.


Remember Mr. Potato Head? Who doesn’t? Well, if you want to relive the fun of playing with a classic toy like that in the form of a flash website, then Monoface is just the place for you. With more than 750,000 different faces available to create, you’ll have fun; trust me.


Get the Glass

When the California Milk Processor Board wanted to get people to drink more milk, they certainly picked a really creative way to do so — they created an online board game for people to play. You can help the Adachi family through a board of twists, turns and mini-games to get the elusive Glass (of milk) in one of the more fun and unique flash websites.



The website of the documentary film Waterlife doesn’t just give us a preview of the film and what it covers, but it does so in a way that really draws us into the experience. Among other things, this flash website plays some very calm-sounding music that just about anyone can enjoy, it uses a site navigation system that reminds us of water, and it gives us all the information about the Great Lakes that we could want from any one website.



Do you need a way to inspire yourself? Do you want a way that will probably work no matter what you need to inspire yourself to do? Moodstream does what few (if any) other flash websites do: it provides you with a selection of images, sounds and music based on how you adjust a series of five sliders.


Infinite OZ

Just like the California Milk Processor Board, the SyFy channel chose a rather innovative method of promoting its show “Tin Man” through flash websites — they created a virtual tour of the world the show takes place in. As you watch this website, you’re treated to a slow journey through all the different locales of the show’s world, each one blending into the next nearly seamlessly, all while hearing the people of each place. If you’re not already interested in this show, this website might get you into it.


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