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Living Environments Are More Contemporary, Cost-Conscious

Earth Friendly, Budget Friendly: Living environments are going more contemporary, and cost-conscious, too

Contemporary HomesThinking about redesigning your home? Est Est and Wiseman and Gale agree that one style in particular has been gaining popularity.

“In the last few years, we have been getting busier with the contemporary style,” says Scott Burdick, managing partner of Wiseman and Gale, an interior design firm in Scottsdale.

Contemporary can range from using retro elements from the 1950s and ’60s, or going more classic-modern, blending traditional elements together.

Going green

One design incorporated into more and more homes is layering grasscloth on walls. This adds more texture to the atmosphere.

“We are seeing more wall coverings, and they give off energy,” says Tony Sutton, owner and head designer of Est Est, an interior design firm in Scottsdale. “The background materials give off more vibrant colors and feelings as to what the room is meant to be used for.”

In addition to adding earthy and earth-inspired elements to their homes, homeowners are making room for more eco-friendly additions, too.

In order to adjust to the demands and support the trending of the LEED green movement, Est Est recently installed solar panels to a Scottsdale home using Cradle to Cradle materials, which are recycled.

“The solar panels are something called active solar; they hook up to the power meter and run backwards,” Sutton says. “This is higher technology that generates electricity.”

Saving a buck

In order to help guide clients through the decision-making process confidently, and to make sure clients receive the design or redesign they envision, Est Est has technology that allows clients to see the final product before the project has begun. This way, clients will be more confident in their decision and purchase.

“We can show blueprints on a screen for customers, and we want to make the client feels comfortable when we show them the samples,” Sutton says. “We have everything right here at our fingertips for clients to see and use before we start the work.”

Hiring professional designers can help you to avoid making costly mistakes, and if a budget is given up front, they can work with it, Burdick says.

“People are now taking a look at what they need instead of what they want for the environment they are creating for themselves to live in,” Burdick says.Contemporary homes

Proceeding with caution

Clients are beginning to work in phases when it comes to designing their home for the first time or redecorating a room. People are proceeding cautiously with their money today, and having shorter projects spaced out is a great way to save and keep track of money.

Designers say that as long as you come in with a plan with exactly what you want designed and plan a budget, getting that beautifully designed house or room can easily become a reality.

“If you can lay out some basic ideas beforehand, and then buy things you love, that to me is the easiest way to create an environment where you can come home every day and say ‘I am so glad to be home,’ ” Burdick says.

“Don’t be afraid to look at design magazines,” Sutton says. “There are creative ways to put something together that has the same feeling as what you see designers doing.”

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