Local Actor Launches Educational Kid's Film

If there’s one common trait in the bulk of Americans, it’s that they love everything Italian. The food, the language, the wine – we love it all. And, if there’s anything common among parents of young children, it’s that they love creative ways to keep the kids occupied – and even better – to keep them occupied with something educational. Native Phoenician Michael Tassoni, who’s been involved in the local film scene and such products like The Appearance of a Man (in which he acted and co-produced) and The Realm, has developed the solution. As a first-generation American and actor since appearing as Dimitri in classic animated film Anastasia, the full-blooded Italian wanted a DVD that could teach his young kids about his heritage, along with some basic language, and at the same time be entertaining. “I found nothing,” he said of his initial search, “at least nothing of any real quality.”

“So,” he says, “I took on the project myself.”

The result? Ciao Bambolini – Italy for Kids. “It’s what I hope to be the perfect mix of Italian, education and entertainment for kids,” he says.

Available now on DVD at Amazon.com and at www.ciaobambolini.com.