Meet Our Cover Model: Miranda Meyer

Meet the Models spotlights each and every model featured in Scottsdale Living — so you can get to know them better.

Tell us about your career. Do you model as a hobby?

I am a hair stylist. I went to cosmetology school during my junior and senior year of high school so I got a early start. I really enjoy what I do. I am new to modeling and would like to make it into a fun hobby!

Share with us any tried-and-true beauty secrets you have:

Two things that aren’t really secrets, but I have found to be very effective are lots of sleep and lots of water! When you study the rejuvenation effects of sleep it’s amazing.

You’re a hair expert. If you could us one piece of advice for taking care of our locks, what would it be?

My advice right now is taking care of your hair In the summer. Before swimming, wet your hair down with regular water and put conditioner in it so your hair soaks up less of the chlorinated water. Use this technique on your children too.

Will we see you modeling more in the future?

I hope to be doing some more modeling in the future! I had a lot of fun on this shoot. Thank you Scottsdale Living!