Meet the Models: Tim S.

Meet The Models: Tim S.

Meet the Models spotlights each and every model featured in Scottsdale Living — so you can get to know them better.

Up next on Meet the Models, meet Tim S. (from JANI Model Management), who you can spot in our Fall 2012 issue.

How did you start modeling?

I first started modeling at 22 years old — not too long ago. A former coworker of mine, who had signed with the agency I currently work for (JANI Model Management), recommended that I should try it out. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but with all the encouragement from my friends and family, I walked into their office one day, and I have been there since.

What type of modeling do you like the most and why?

I prefer still photo shoots verses runway or television; although, I find all to be fun and exciting. In my experience, my agency has always worked hard at having the best photographers, stylists and all the other people you need to have a successful photo shoot, in a good setting and comfortable environment.

What is your favorite shoot you’ve done and why?

There have been a few that I’ve really enjoyed so far. I really enjoyed my most recent photo shoot for the Talking Stick Resort where I wore some Astor & Black attire that looked amazing and some of the most friendly staff and photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with thus far.

Tim S., Photo: Michael FrancoDo you have an all-time favorite modeling photo?

arrowsThis is a photo taken by the very talented photographer Michael Franco. He really brought out and captured a sort of intense, focused, but elegant feel. Very professional. I love it because it looks amazing.

What advice would you give to someone interested in modeling?

I’d say confidence and believing in your self is key. It is a serious profession and can be a good career if you choose to make it so. Work hard always and conduct yourself in a way that reflects professionalism in everything you do; but most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing, and have fun.

More photos of Tim S.:

Tim S., Photo: Mike Mertes Tim S., Photo: Cory Bergquist Tim S., Photo: Glory Shim Tim S., Photo: Glory Shim


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