"Landfill Harmonic" Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Landfill Harmonic, a documentary produced by Scottsdale’s Alejandra Amarilla Nash that tells the moving story of The Recycled Orchestra exceeded its fundraising goal of $175,000 by nearly 23%. The Kickstarter campaign, which began March 29, raised a total of $214,129, to fund the completion of the film.

Backed by nearly 5,000 people and organizations, Landfill Harmonic surpassed its goal a week prior to its May 15 deadline. “I’m beyond thankful to everyone that has supported this project,” said founder and executive producer, Alejandra Amarilla Nash. “Because of those who donated the orchestra can now use their talents to inspire others on a bigger scale.”

Earlier this week Amarilla Nash and national 60 Minutes news team returned from a 10-day filming tour with the The Recycled Orchestra in Paraguay. The orchestra consists of a group of children from a shantytown called Cateura, in Paraguay, who play musical instruments made from trash. The Landfill Harmonic film crew remained in Paraguay to wrap-up filming. During the trip both teams got a closer look at the landfill in Cateura and had an opportunity to interview orchestra members.

“The strength and seeing the kids’ progression was amazing,” said Amarilla Nash. “I can’t wait to share with others their stories of resilience and triumph.”

The Landfill Harmonic project began in 2009 and has been led by a Phoenix-based team, which includes Amarilla Nash, producer Juliana Peñaranda-Loftus and executive producing partner Rodolfo Madero.

“Our primary goal now is to complete the film at the end of this year and share this movement with the world,” said Amarilla Nash. “We are one step closer to bringing music to underserved children and youth.”

To learn more about the film or how you can be a part of  The Recycled Orchestra movement, visit: http://www.landfillharmonicmovie.com/.