2011 Coachella Music and Arts Festival

Coachella Music And Arts Festival 2011: Over 150 Bands In 3 Days

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which started in 1999, is known for it’s beautiful location, endless amounts of smiling faces and positive energy, and an unending supply of some of the world’s best music.

Each year, festival goers (many, who after attending the festival for their first time, vow to return to the festival every year for the rest of their life) travel from all across the world to see music ranging from long-time musicians like the Chemical Brothers or Paul McCartney of The Beatles, to many unknown bands just getting started.

This year’s larger acts included Kings of Leon, the Chemical Brothers, Arcade Fire and Kanye West — all of which were supported by 150 other bands that played over three days.

Some would even argue that the best part about Coachella is the mass amount of new and innovative music that it brings to the public’s attention. However, there are always plenty of big-name acts that draw thousands of people to the three-day festival.

Last year, attendance reached 105,000 people, with only 75,000 three-day passes sold. This year, with an increase of security to decrease gate crashers, attendance was kept under 90,000.

With some initial criticism about the line up when it was released a couple months before the festival, some wondered if Coachella 2011 could measure up to the rest. But as the weekend proceeded through three days of amazing music, it became very clear that this Coachella easily measured up (and in some ways surpassed) its previous years. Attendees left the grounds excitedly talking about their favorite acts of the night/weekend — many already making plans to come next year.

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