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CVB's campaign highlights Scottsdale’s warm fall weather

Scottsdale residents can keep their summer shorts, flip flops and bikinis out for another three months. With the launch of the new fall marketing campaign, the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau is encouraging visitors to do the same.

The bureau’s “Break the Rules” campaign, which runs from Aug. 16 through Oct. 15, plays on Scottsdale’s unique fall offerings and promotes an extended summer to visitors who may be feeling the chill of autumn at home. Six rules – that are meant to be broken on a Scottsdale vacation – are featured on with a list of packages and coupons, as well as events during the fall season.

This promotion is the first of six seasonal marketing campaigns planned this year to push messaging around key time periods in order to strengthen destination awareness and exposure in Scottsdale’s primary feeder markets of Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Canada.

“Our seasonal campaigns will supplement our ‘Richly Sonoran’ brand campaign, giving us the opportunity to hook visitors with more specific and timely messages,” said Caroline Stoeckel, vice president of marketing at the bureau. “The fall campaign also will help us drive visitation around a need period for our tourism industry.”

The “Break the Rules” campaign is being promoted through email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, paid and organic social media promotion, and direct mail to Scottsdale’s U.S. feeder markets.

The Rules:

You Can Wear White After Labor Day: When it’s sunny and 80 degrees in the fall, the standard laws of fashion just don’t apply – so don’t put away that white bikini just yet.

Celebrate Happy Hour, Any Hour: It’s always 5 o’clock when you’re on vacation!
Play in The Mud: We desert dwellers aren’t afraid of a little dirt – especially when it’s in the form of a purifying mud mask.

Push the Speed Limit: No trip to the Wild West is complete without some serious adventure.

Sleep ‘til Noon: Let’s be honest; all that shopping, spa and nightlife can wear out even the most expert vacationers. So go ahead, turn off that alarm clock. We won’t judge.

It’s OK to Play More than 18 Holes: In case you didn’t know, Scottsdale is kind of a big deal in the golf world. And, hey, with more than 1,700 holes on 200+ area golf courses, we’ve earned our bragging rights.