2% Club looks to help women scale their businesses

Small business | 25 Feb, 2016 |

I recently conducted research in preparation for a roundtable discussion for women business owners with revenues in the $100,000s looking to scale to $1 million. I learned that only 2% of women generate a million dollars in annual revenue. The average generates $155,000 annually and has .9 employees. This was shocking.

But it also inspired me and I want to inspire you too.

I value meaning and fulfillment more than money. I know that authentic connections and making a difference fill my heart in a way that nothing else does. I often wish that money were not even a part of the equation. But the fact is that money is a key currency in this world and our economic power matters. And thus, I’m on a personal mission to integrate purpose and profit through right work.

Imagine what the world would be like if more highly conscious women were joining that 2%. If we exercised that level of economic power in our communities and with our employees. Can you see the impact we could make? This, my friends, would shift the consciousness of the world.

The Kauffman report cites that this issue needs to be addressed on multiple fronts: 1) by offering more opportunities that will give women the experience needed to pursue entrepreneurship, 2) by providing more opportunities to learn about starting and growing businesses, and 3) through exposure to successful female entrepreneurs who can share stories and insights from their successes (and challenges)

The good news is that we can give this to each other. It’s actually pretty simple. It’s called connection, learning and support. We can showcase the wisdom of purpose-based and profitable woman owned businesses. We can mentor and be mentored. We can build a powerful tribe of women that approach business consciously. All we have to do is show up – first for ourselves, and then for each other.

That roundtable I mentioned was powerful. Just being in the midst of women on the precipice of that level of success fueled my fire. As we sat together, human to human, heart to heart, and openly and honestly discussed our desire, leadership and longing to make an impact, I could see that I was one of them. I started thinking of myself as a million dollar entrepreneur. And we always become what we think of ourselves. This is yours for the taking.

So here’s my invitation and my challenge.

First and foremost, wake up to your power and potential to join that 2%. Stop playing small and shrinking. Tap into your leadership and courage. Show up. Engage. Share. Be the one.

And here’s what I’m going to do to help you with that. In addition to presenting purpose-based and business savvy women at our monthly luncheons and helping women find their voice and take the stage, I’m launching a new program for women willing to step into that 2%. It’s called The 2% Club. It’s a Power Circle for those of you willing to do the inner work it takes to develop your presence, communication, strategy and courage to the million-dollar level. We’re going to do this together. Right now.

Here are the ground rules.

• You understand that your business is a reflection of you, and you’re willing to do the inner work to elevate yourself.

• You have a clear purpose and mission to make a positive impact in the world.

• Your current business model is generating close to or more than $100,000 a year.

• You have a burning desire for more.

We’re holding a kick-off meeting on Friday, March 25 from 8am – 9am. If this is for you, contact me at kristi@consciousconnectionsglobal.com and let’s talk. It’s time. I can’t wait to join forces with you and make the quantum leap together.

Kristi Hall is president and founder of Conscious Connections.

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