Echo Surina


Echo Surina is an award-winning writer whose articles appear in consumer and trade magazines nationwide. Through her boutique writing studio, Philanthropology LLC, she helps organizations differentiate themselves in the market by developing and articulating their message using strategic communications campaigns, including feature articles, direct-response copywriting, media outreach and more. A portion of profits is donated to help military personnel. She lives in the New York City area.

Authors Posts

  • PetSmart: Pampered Pooches = Profits - Read Article

    PetSmart: Pampered Pooches = Profits


    PetSmart now has a new trick up its sleeve: five-star pet hotels. PetSmart, the largest chain of pet supply stores in the U.S., is undeniably a market force to be…

  • Homebuilders Refining Their Services - Read Article

    Homebuilders Refining Their Services


    In light of the economy’s condition, homebuilders are refining their services to meet the needs of their customers. The Valley’s housing market continues to ride real estate’s proverbial wave, sometimes…

  • Cardiac Care Improves In Arizona - Read Article

    Cardiac Care Improves In Arizona


    Arizona’s health care industry evolves to meet population’s cardiac needs The risk of heart disease increases with age, and people are living longer. Fortunately, the disease’s mortality rate has decreased…