RuthAnn Hogue


RuthAnn Hogue is an award-winning journalist and author with nearly two decades of experience writing, editing and publishing both for print and online media. Former employers include The Phoenix Gazette, The Arizona Republic, Arizona Daily Star and more. She holds a bachelor of art in print journalism with a minor in political science from Arizona State University in addition to a Cronkite New Media Academy Certificate. She also holds a Webmaster Certificate from the University of Arizona’s EU Computer Education program and an Internet Marketing Master of Science from Full Sail University. She’s an avid user of social media for personal and professional purposes to promote her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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    Exempt Employees Versus Nonexempt Employees


    Classifying employees as exempt or nonexempt might seem easy at first glance.  Either they are salaried or they are hourly.  Accordingly, they either are eligible to earn overtime for hours…