AZRE Forum 2016

This is a past event

July 21, 2016 at 5:00 pm


Last night, AZ Big Media hosted the AZRE Forum, where a packed crowd of commercial real estate pros listened in on a mid-year market update from some of the Valley’s premiere experts.

About 300 people were in attendance and they heard a breakdown on the state of the commercial real estate industry in Arizona and how the brokerage markets are doing in Arizona.

Some of the evening’s highlights include:

  • The panelists are optimistic about multifamily and infill developments in Arizona. Rents have been growing and there is a lot of optimism for 2017.
  • In recent years, healthcare has been seeing many changes and that includes the type of space providers need. The panelists have been seeing a rise in needs for build-to-suit spaces as vacancy in older medical spaces has been rising.
  • Construction costs have been high and a lack of skilled labor in Arizona is cause for a lot of concern in the industry.
  • The panelists also talked about the possibility of a recession in the next couple of years, but since Arizona never experienced any kind of hockey stick growth, they hope the next recession will be a manageable one, closer to the 2001 recession than the Great Recession.

Meet the panelists

Tonight, we have thirteen panelists with two moderators from various sectors in the industry.


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