Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills (ACCEL), a private, nonprofit organization serving children and adults who have developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders and intellectual disabilities, broke ground on the first of two building renovations to support its adult service programs this January. The second building is expected to have a groundbreaking in March 2020.

“The renovations will double the capacity of our Metro Campus to help us continue to serve individuals who have special needs,” says Raymond Damm, CEO. “This renovation would not be possible without the generous donation of services from our contractors and subcontractors, as well as a contribution of almost $300,000 in in-kind construction assistance from a variety of subcontractors.” 

To kick off the construction, adult members and students joined ACCEL’s executive and leadership teams for a groundbreaking ceremony. Adult members and students were encouraged to help staff by putting the first few hits of a sledgehammer in the wall to begin construction. 

Construction is estimated to be complete in April 2020.

ACCEL is a nonprofit organization for children and adults who have special needs. ACCEL provides innovative, individualized and comprehensive educational, therapeutic, vocational, behavioral and life skills training. The individuals in these programs have a wide range of abilities and challenges including autism, intellectual, emotional, physical disabilities and health impairments. The BISTÅ Clinic serves children through clinical intervention services starring at 18 months of age. ACCEL’s private, educational program supports youth ages 5-22. The Adult Services program provides day programming for adults 18 years of age through the lifespan. For more information, please visit