We have heard countless numbers of testimonials of people who have tried it all, from melatonin to other potent key ingredients to help fall asleep, to other solutions that aim to help with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Nevertheless, for the reasons you will be able to see in this article, a great option for you to consider are CBD gummies. These are usually reasonable in price and have a host of benefits and allow you to feel great without much side effects if consumed responsibly.

Research on CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

After considering all our options for CBD edibles, some may be wondering if CBD is really the best option to help treat their sleep issues. We researched our options to show you the best product picks according to consumer testimonials and actual samples from around these companies. We can then discuss some of the research on this CBD chemical and if it is worth the hype.

In short, we believe yes. Even if CBD is still not approved as a medicine by the FDA, it is still not forbidden for any side effects, and it is taken by people with different medical conditions that simply would not take the risk if it were not safe.

Just to set the groundwork, CBD is a chemical compound that we can find in most strains of marihuana. But for these kinds of product, it is extracted from “hemp”, a cousin plant of marihuana. Often, CBD is confused with THC, which is another chemical component found in the same plant. In the products we recommended, we looked for absolutely no THC content, since it is the active ingredient that gives you the “high” if smoking weed. On the other hand, CBD is the “calming and soothing” element of the high. If we derive it from hemp and use it as an oil, it is possible to add CBD to edibles or gummies, exactly like the ones we recommend gaining only the health benefits, with no risk of getting high. CBD is also very less likely to make develop a dependence, contrary to the more aggressive THC.

Now, we can consider some CBD research to figure out if it can help you regulate your sleep cycle and treat potential anxiety, as well as myth-bust some of the side-effects that are rumored about on the internet. A very promising post by Harvard Medical School states that to this date, we have not found any evidence that users of pure CBD can develop any substance abuse or dependence. Even more calmingly, the same publication states that there has been no evidence found of any public health issues from CBD usage. Moreover, Harvard states that studies suggest that CBD can have a positive impact towards sleep and insomnia symptoms.

While the conclusions from Harvard Medical School are encouraging and from a very respected source, we would not want our readers to inform themselves with only one author in mind. This paper from the University of Chicago offers a more critical view on the topic. While it says that CBD can be very effective in treating anxiety symptoms, it has not been confirmed that it can be useful for sleep by itself. This is solved by many of our recommendations with the addition of melatonin, a sleep-inducing natural substance. Nevertheless, it might be a good thing that CBD does not induce sleep, especially if you are looking to take it during the day.

As always, make sure to do your own diligence when making decisions about your health, but these very trusted universities and testimonials are a solid place to start.

Top 5 CBD Gummies Brands for Sleep

• Fab CBD – Best Overall

• Medterra CBD – Best Potent

• cbdMD – Best Concentration Option

• CBDistillery – Subscription-Based Alternative

• Joy Organics – No-Melatonin

Things We Considered While Choosing The CBD Gummies Brands

We picked the most effective CBD Sleep Gummies based on several different factors. First, we did a thorough review of the ingredients and we checked for the absence of any controversial ingredients with significant side-effects. We only included the healthiest options that will make you feel safe when first taking these. Then, we did a cost-quality analysis.

As our reader, we care about your health, but also, for the stability of your wallet and making sure you are getting the best deal possible. Even though some prices might seem high, we are making sure that you get the best quality for the lowest price possible.

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep and Insomnia

Before we get on with our list, it is important for us to tell you that this content has been researched with the right sources. While we are confident that these can be beneficial for your health and insomnia issues, this is not medical advice, and we recommend that you check with your doctor if you have any health concerns, as you would with any regular medicine you can find in your local pharmacy.

Now, let us get on with our reviews for the top CBD edibles.

#1 Fab CBD: Best Overall

After researching for a good while, we stumbled upon the Fab CBD Gummies, Fab is a trusted brand with a track record in CBD products. They include 12.5 mg of CBD per pill and contain 2mg of melatonin. According to the NHS, melatonin is a great solution to help with short-term sleep, meaning that these gummies will not only help you relax with the CBD, but will help you induce a healthy sleep every time you need them.

FAB CBD gummies come in a delicious acai flavor, and they are especially crafted without any gluten, and are also appropriate for vegans. These chews are safe to take every day, just keep the daily intake at a maximum of 1, and always at around the same time. If you take them during the day, expect a little drowsiness unless you take some caffeine or similar melatonin blocker.

Key ingredients

Of course, Fab CBD chews contain CBD, 12.5 mg or 25 mg per piece, depending on the package that you choose. They contain 2 mg of melatonin, to aid with the sleep part. Be sure to consider this if you already take melatonin at night. These chews do not contain any significant amount of THC, meaning that there is no risk of suffering the psychoactive effects that marihuana can bring.

Main strength

We think Fab CBD chews are at a fair market price, with a company that has proven its reliability and has hundreds of positive reviews with other products. This goes to show how we value customer trust a lot before recommending something, and this product is simply the best at these categories. The ingredients are high quality, and the taste is liked by many.


Fab CBD chews come in an excellent quality medical-grade crystal container, adding to our trust in the brand. Each container comes with 20 gummies, more than enough for someone looking to consume them in a non-daily basis. If you are looking to take these daily, three containers will last you an entire two months.


  • Great cost-benefit relation.
  • Good taste, safe for vegans and gluten-free.
  • Excellent brand reputation.
  • Worldwide availability.


  • Could be a bit cheaper.
  • They include melatonin, which does not make them the greatest for taking them in the day.


Fab CBD chews are simply the best option in the market, according to reviews of many sources, and us as well. The health benefits of these CBD gummies go beyond the CBD and lack of THC, but also contain melatonin and very little sugar per chew. We recommend these thoroughly. Read on with the list if you are looking for something more specific or if you want to consider our review of other very good options to buy.

#2 Medterra CBD: Best Potent

CBD gummies are generally tailored towards treating anxiety symptoms or helping specific muscular pains. The contents of these Medterra CBD gummies contain a safe, yet higher dose of melatonin than other counterparts. This particular pack comes with 30 gummies with 10mg of pure melatonin per piece, which means that it does not matter how bad your insomnia is, you will fall right back asleep with these powerful chews.

Medterra is a relatively popular brand with other products in their belt. They are internationally well-known for their CBD products, and this particular one does not disappoint. The flavor is reported to be excellent by their more than 650 reviews, averaging around 4.6 stars out of 5. Customers online say that it this is a very effective product, and their THC contents are monitored by a third-party lab, who report a lower than 0.01% concentration. For these reasons, we believe that Medterra is a recommendable product, considering outside research, client testimonials, and content information coming from an outside lab.

Key ingredients

Each one of the gummies contains 25mg of CBD, and when we consider that each pack contains 30 pieces, this looks like a great deal in terms of price vs. CBD content. Melatonin is also high in concentration with this product, five times more per gummy than our previous recommendation. This is why we recommend this specifically for people who struggle with sleep. Especially if they believe that their insomnia has its roots in anxiety or severe stress, which CBD can help ease to make sure the melatonin can do its job.


The price to CBD ratio on this is amazing, but we would say that the main strength here is how these gummies truly display the health benefits of CBD gummies via the easing of insomnia symptoms. The melatonin content here is responsible for that, making this a great substitute for sleeping pills full of chemicals, and instead opting for Medterra’s alternative with a mix of natural herbs and pure active ingredients.


Medterra’s bag comes with 30 gummies. It contains at least 20% recycled material, which gives it extra points for ecologically friendly folks without sacrificing the functionality of the bag. The flavor is strawberry, and it is well conserved by the airtight bag. Nevertheless, while other products come in glass containers, or even higher quality plastic containers, this Medterra offering is lacking a little bit with packaging, reflected in the great price.


  • Great CBD to price ratio.
  • Good flavor and overall effectivity levels reported.
  • Tested for purity by an external lab.
  • Negligible THC concentrations.
  • Great international presence.


  • The reviews online are mostly on their website.
  • Sold out a lot of the time, due to international demand.
  • Cheap packaging, so the product could come damaged.


For people looking to sleep better and treat their insomnia symptoms, Medterra has an excellent offering for a great price. Expect these gummies to be on the stronger side, with a much higher concentration of melatonin, and a fair CBD content. This is why Medterra advises to specifically take the pills at night, one dose per day. The disadvantages are not that important for some people, so go ahead and check them out!

#3 cbdMD: Best Concentration Option

You already have read about melatonin-oriented CBD sleep gummies in our previous recommended product. This time cbdMD offers a variety of gummies, coming with 3 different options, 10 mg of CBD, 25mg, and all the way to 50mg per gummy, all in a 30-piece pack. cbdMD offers options for everyone, from beginners looking to see how their body reacts, to people looking for alternatives with higher content so they can reach their desired effects.

cbdMD, as their name suggests, is a company focused on manufacturing CBD products. They are US-based and offer products that can be used by a lot of different groups of consumers due to the potency options they feature. They even distribute the popular pet CBD chews to ease pain from elderly pets, among other options.

The cbdMD gummies that we are discussing here have only 2mg of melatonin, making it an excellent CBD gummy for mild sleeping issues, mostly if they are induced by anxiety or heavy stress. 2mg of melatonin will ease you into sleep if you close your eyes and relax with the CBD contents, but they will not knock you out if you take one in the morning, which is a method that the company recommends.

Key ingredients

As we mentioned, cbdMD offers products that range from very mild CBD content to more heavy amounts, like their 50mg gummy does. If you are a beginner, it does not matter your size or caloric intake, we do not recommend you begin with the 50mg ones unless your condition is truly severe. The melatonin here is not negligible, but it does not scale up with the CBD as you go higher in their product line. cbdMD flavors their products with natural extracts, and their other ingredients are all high quality and trustworthy.


The packaging on these CBD gummies is a very professional plastic container. All the options come with 30 gummies, flavored with different options. They do contain sugar, so be sure to consider that if you have a condition or diet that does not allow for that. As we said, their products scale up with the amount of CBD that each gummy contains, which goes all the way to 1500mg per 30 gummy pack.


If you are looking for a gummy that can help you ease severe anxiety and reap the full benefits of CBD, you need to look no further than these. The scaling-up factor is great for someone that has a desired effect from CBD but has not tried it before and wants to ease in and see how their body reacts. cbdMD says they have options for everyone, be it professional athletes or just a regular person.


  • If you do buy these gummies, you will get an option to get free shipping, potentially helping with the high costs.
  • Ability to go as high as 50mg per piece, with the possibility of staying in the 10 mg mark.
  • Trusted brand in the CBD world.
  • Tested by an external lab for less than 0.05% THC content.


  • Pricey even with the free shipping.
  • Price goes up very considerably when you want the 25 or 50 mg CBD content gummies.
  • The brand only produces CBD products, meaning that they have no audience outside of this field.


cbdMD is definitely a trusted brand, with a history of keeping CBD consumption simple and understandable. They even have a podcast and regular blog posts to inform people about this compound in general. cbdMD is one of the leaders in the CBD movement, and they have earned a reputation among the CBD community. Their products are therefore heavily oriented towards the benefits that CBD can bring, including stress and anxiety reduction, relaxation, helping with muscular pain and even linked towards reducing seizure risks.

You should consider getting these gummies if you present mostly anxiety and stress issues, or if you are someone with regular muscular pains from tension. You can begin with a simple 10mg per pill dose, and then scale up if you find your body responds well.

#4 CBDistillery: Subscription-Based Alternative

Getting into the more niche benefits, we would suggest looking toward the other alternatives here on our list if you are looking for the best of the best. Maybe you really want a subscription-based CBD edible option, and CBDistillery offers a great high-quality product to this purpose.

CBDistillery offers a 30mg CBD concentration with a 2mg melatonin content, which reportedly helped a lot of people with anxiety issues, as well as treating insomnia. The flavor on these is reported to not be as great as other supplements, so keep that in mind if you are considering buying these.

Key ingredients

With 30 mg of CBD and 2mg of melatonin per CBD edible, these are great to buy online if you are looking for a simple remedy for anxiety and sleep issues with a subscription-based delivery. The other ingredients are also natural, including the flavoring.


As stated in the benefits in the headline of this section, the main advantage we see here is the subscription-based alternative for saving money and for the convenience. This product is a little bit more expensive even with the subscription, but it makes up for it with brand recognition and quality.


Each packet of 30 CBD gummies comes in a medical-grade glass container. The gummies are 30mg each.


  • Respected brand
  • A lot of customers with testimonials around the web


  • Some people report bad taste.
  • Pricey and better alternatives on the market.


This is not a bad product at all, you will only be sacrificing some of the very top-end features of the CBD gummy line if you go with these. Expect the CBDistillery gummies to be slightly strong, with a decent content of CBD, and a standard melatonin concentration that allows you to take these in the morning.

#5 Joy Organics: No-Melatonin

While the other products on this list contain at least 2mg of melatonin to get you through the day, this incredible product by Joy Organics contains none. This means that you can either take this pill at night to get only the relaxing effects of CBD in your sleep, or during the day without losing even a bit of focus.

Joy Organics has made this gummy tailored for people to tackle stress in their daily lives. If you are coming back from work and looking to unwind a little bit, these great-tasting gummies will do the trick. You can buy these online, and according to customers, they check all the boxes for a wonderful light CBD edible. This brand also has other products besides CBD, meaning that their customer based is ample.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients here can be summed up in two: High quality, organically sourced CBD oil, with a concentration of 0% THC. And all-natural and organic lab-analyzed ingredients to make a truly premium gummy at a reasonable price.


These gummies come in very professional hard plastic containers, and each pack includes 30 gummies of 10 mg CBD each.


We would say the main advantage of this product, besides its extremely competitive price, is the fact that the CBD concentration is low, and that the melatonin content is none. This can be a disadvantage for some people, but in our case, we consider this a relatively niche use for beginner users, and people who want to take these during the day to reduce stress or tension.


  • Great for beginners
  • Good price
  • Subscription service for an even lower price


  • Low CBD content
  • No melatonin


What might seem like disadvantages to some, can be a great option for beginners. You can pop one or two of these throughout the day without losing too much focus. Be sure to consider that if your symptoms are more on the stronger side, you might need to buy heavier CBD edibles in the future.

Types of Gummies You Should Choose

As we previously mentioned, CBD gummies, specifically for sleep and insomnia, should have absolutely no THC in them. The reason is very simple: if you already have insomnia, you might react to the subjective THC “high” in a variety of ways. Be careful with any gummies that have large amounts of CBD too, as people can react to the substance differently if it is their first time.

Research shows that there should not be any significant health impacts. Nevertheless, you should take care not to get scared off of CBD because of a strong response for taking too much in your first dose. In short, your philosophy when taking CBD should be very similar to the way you find over-the-counter medicine for any symptoms you are showing. You should look for the best gummies for CBD and insomnia, but also take care with the initial dose, read testimonies, and ask friends or people online how they reacted their first time.

How often should I take my CBD gummies?

People online have different ideas over the optimal intake here. For starters, if you are going to try CBD for sleep, you should only take before when you are looking to sleep. You do not want to feel drowsy during your productive day and inducing oversleep through external substances is not a great idea.

Healthline has great recommendations about this topic. First, you should consider what you are taking CBD for. If your anxiety (which roots to insomnia) often pops up when going to a social event, or speaking in public, you might want to consider taking CBD in days where these events are expected. If you are troubled by severe anxiety throughout the day, then daily doses of CBD might be a lot more justified and necessary.

You should take a certain amount of CBD dose for sleep depending on several factors, your weight, age, external medical conditions, all play a very significant factor. We urge you to be extremely responsible and to see how you react with a first dose, before you go ahead and make it a regular thing. Be reasonable with your assumptions. If possible, consult your doctor before taking any amount of CBD to look for specific amount recommendations. You should also check for client testimonials to see if anyone else experienced side-effects under similar conditions as yours. Always bear in mind that your environment and medical history is always going to be different than other people, and what might be safe for you, might cause slight difficulties for someone else.

Important Things To Consider Before Taking CBD Gummies

Besides what we have already discussed, you need to consider other important factors before going ahead and start taking CBD. First, check on your state’s regulation on CBD if you live in the United States. While some states have no restriction at all, the US government holds a very confusing position on CBD regulation. Because of this, the allowed amounts and available brands might vary from state to state.

Unless you are at a trusted medical forum, you need to take consumer’s testimonials with a pinch of salt, as it usually is hard to tell if the reviews are veridic and from actual consumers. CBD gummies are a very active topic, so new products will always be coming out to the market and try to fake reviews to get more people to blindly buy into them. Look for trusted brands with preferably other lines of products, registered addresses, and offices, so you can be sure you are buying the real thing. Every product we have recommended here fills these points, but if you are going to shop around, keep that in mind.

We will include a side-effect breakdown after this section, so you need to go ahead and keep reading to consider these things as well.

Known Side-Effects of CBD Gummies

CBD, like all medicinal products, can affect people in different ways according to their intake, environment, conditions, and a myriad of other factors. CBD can also interact with some medications; in which cases you should not take CBD without consulting with a health professional.

First, a somewhat rare and mild side-effect is dry mouth. This happens more often with pure CBD oils, when more terpenes as present in the mix, and can cause dry mouth. CBD Gummies cause this effect a lot less often, but if they do, try staying hydrated (it is a good habit to have anyways). If the feeling of dry mouth is too strong, try switching products before giving up on CBD altogether.

Diarrhea is something that some people experience when they first take CBD, but you can try to counter this with a reasonably good diet and staying hydrated. Just like the previous point, try switching product if you experience diarrhea, as it could be much more likely due to other components of the particular gummy than to the specific CBD oil a particular brand is using.

There have been some cases of liver damage with the usage of CBD, but this can easily be countered by checking with a health professional before taking CBD, and then dosing appropriately. If you are extra-concerned about liver damage, but still want to take CBD, consider testing each 2 or 3 months for any symptoms or signs of early damage. This would be highly unlikely if you are dosing correctly.

Mixing medicines is never a good idea unless consulted with a professional. Treat CBD like this, and if you are taking a prescription drug, check out with one or two doctors if the mix of those substances is safe. As rules of thumb, antihistamines, stimulants, opioids, among other strong medicines are not safe to take with CBD, as it is likely they will interact and mix the additional effects they may cause.

Some people find side effects a scary topic, but simply go to your medicine cabinet and pick up a random box. Read the rear, and you will find out that your go-to headache pill has even more possible side effects listed than CBD. In fact, CBD is considered to be a low-side effect substance, even when compared to other very mild medicines like Paracetamol. Do not get scared away of the benefits of CBD because of the possible side-effects but do take the appropriate precautions we have explained in this article.


The best CBD gummies for sleep and insomnia were listed throughout this document. They are popular products from mostly established brands. Research on CBD is still ongoing, but there have been extensive trials from prestigious institutions. They report that CBD has insignificant chances of making you develop an addiction or dependence. You might sleep better when taking CBD alone, but it is better to search for a gummy that also has melatonin, unless anxiety is the reason you are not able to sleep well.

The side effects of CBD are lower in quantity and severity than other popular medicines, but we still encourage you to do your own research. Try different pages than the ones we list here, but these are very reliable sources to give you a good knowledge base. Go ahead and click on any of the links to buy the gummies, or research more!

We hope you have found something to help you if you are facing sleep issues or anxiety. You can feel a lot better taking CBD if you dose appropriately and make sure to take care of your overall health. We would be happy to hear your comments or questions.