October 5, 2021

Eric Kelly

Best CBG oil: Top 3 brands reviewed

CBG oil is not as famous as CBD oil, but it is of late growing in popularity among users and manufacturers. It is available in different potencies, and more leading CBD brands are venturing into CBG products. However, it is vital that you spend money on the best CBG oil to protect your wellbeing and increase your chances of getting CBG’s wellness benefits. The market has various brands to choose from, and below is a guide to help you purchase the right CBG oil formulation.

What Is CBG Oil?

For starters, CBG is the short form of cannabigerol. It is the component from which other cannabinoids like CBD and THC emerge. Young hemp plants are rich in CBG, but as they grow older, the CBG converts into other cannabinoids, reducing its amount.

CBG is one of the minor cannabinoids present in hemp. CBD and THC are the popular hemp cannabinoids, and they have been studied more than other cannabinoids. Nonetheless, CBG is growing in popularity on the CBD market, with several companies offering it in several forms, including oil, gummies, creams, and capsules. 

Manufacturers combine CBG and carrier oil like MCT oil to make CBG oil. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD contain minor cannabinoids like CBG. However, specified CBG oil has a higher amount of CBG than what is present in full-spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD oils. 

Top 3 CBG Oil Brands

Fab CBD – Best Quality

Premium Jane – Best Composition

Lazarus Naturals – Best Potencies

What We Checked While Selecting the Best CBG Oils

CBD brands create CBG oils differently using diverse methods and ingredients. That leads to a variation in quality and composition. Therefore, we considered several factors while selecting CBG oils to ensure we recommend the best brands. Here is how we chose the CBG oils to consider using.

Source of Hemp

Manufacturers make CBG using hemp, and the best brands utilize organic hemp. Naturally farmed hemp plants are free of chemical residues such as pesticides and fertilizers. They enable companies to make safer CBG oil. However, while some brands source hemp from farmers, others have their own hemp farms. Colorado is well-known for providing quality organic hemp for various leading CBG brands. Nonetheless, companies can get hemp from other areas.

CBD and CBG Ratio

We also looked into the CBD-CBG ratio. Hemp is rich in CBD, and CBG is a minor cannabinoid. Manufacturers provide CBG oils, which also have CBD. However, the CBD-CBG ratio should be close to ensure you get adequate CBG in your system to cause a positive effect. Leading brands incorporate sufficient cannabigerol in their CBG oils to benefit your body.

Additional Ingredients

Aside from cannabigerol, CBG oils contain other components. One of them is carrier oil, and brands use MCT oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil as carrier oils. Some have additional hemp components like CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes. The best CBG oils contain safe, all-natural ingredients to safeguard your health. The components are simple and few for your wellbeing.

Extraction Method

The other aspect we checked was the CBG extraction method. Using CO2 (carbon dioxide) is generthe best way to derive cannabinoids from hemp. It is a solvent-free process that ensures companies make pure cannabigerol for CBG oils. However, some top brands use ethanol extraction but avoid CBG oils made using solvents such as butane as they are harmful to your health.

3rd Party Lab Reports

We also considered whether a brand takes its CBG oil through third-party testing. CBG, like CBD products, is new on the wellness market, and the FDA does not regulate them. In-house testing of CBG oils is great, but it is not enough. A good manufacturer takes CBG oil through third-party testing at a certified, independent laboratory.

Lab experts examine the formulation for cannabinoids and contaminants such as heavy metals, microbials, pesticides, and residual solvents. However, the lab report should also be easily accessible. Third-party testing provides additional proof of a CBG oil’s safety, purity, and quality.


CBG oils come in various concentrations to meet varying user needs. An excellent brand provides CBG oil in potencies suitable for everyone. That way, whether you are new to CBG oil or have used it before, you get a potency that suits you. We will discuss how to use CBG oil later.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation also matters when looking at CBG oils. Reputable companies provide quality, effective products that have safe, organic components. Besides, users are satisfied with their CBG oils for being high-grade and useful. As you read about different CBG oils, remember to check customer reviews for additional helpful information. However, the brands we have included in the review have a great reputation.

Shipping and Services

Many top brands offer free shipping for domestic orders. Some provide free delivery on all orders, while others do so on purchases amounting to or exceeding a given amount. The best CBG oils also come with money-back guarantees. Buyers can return products and get a refund or exchange. Some brands allow you to try their products and return them if you are not satisfied. However, the return periods differ, starting from 30 to 90 days. The best brands also have superior customer service, which ensures you get the help you need on time. 

Best CBG Oil You Can Currently Get

Although CBG oils are not as common as CBD oil, several brands are offering you quality formulations to consider using. If you are looking for the best CBG oil, below are products to keep in mind during purchasing.

#1 Fab CBD CBD+CBG Oil: Best Quality

Fab CBD is a leading brand on the CBD market. Its CBG oil is a new addition to its product list, and you get it in two flavors. The product is a high-potency formulation that comes in a dropper bottle to ensure precise measuring of servings.

Source of Hemp

Fab CBD sources organic hemp from Colorado to make quality CBG for users. The location provides various brands with high-grade, organically grown hemp plants to ensure they make safe, superior CBG that does not pose health risks.


The manufacturer provides a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG in the cannabigerol oil. You get to enjoy the benefits of both CBD and CBG for enhanced relief. If you have never used CBG oil before, you can start with Fab CBD’s. It is safe and has a simple composition.

Additional Ingredients

Apart from CBG, Fab CBD CBG oil contains CBD, other cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC), terpenes, MCT oil, and natural flavoring. These ingredients are organic and work together to offer you relief. THC is the cannabinoid that makes people high, but hemp contains only 0.3% of THC, an amount that will not leave you stoned.

Extraction Method

Fab CBD utilizes the CO2 method to derive CBG and other components from hemp. It is a safe process that ensures the brand makes clean CBG. The CBG extraction method is as essential as the ingredients.

3rd Party Lab Reports

Fab CBD uses the services of Pro Verde Laboratories for third-party testing. Experts check the CBG oil to ensure purity, quality, and consistency. At the bottom of the product page, there is a lab report tab. Click on it and get to view the product’s test results.


If you are looking for potent CBG oil, Fab CBD offers one. A bottle of Fab CBG oil offers 2400mg of CBG potency. Using the dropper included on the container, measure the serving you need and monitor how your body responds to cannabigerol from Fab CBD. 

Brand Reputation

Fab CBD is a popular brand for offering quality products, and its CBG oil has over 900 positive reviews from users. It is a popular name in the reviews of best CBD products on the market, and trying it is worthwhile. Besides, Fab CBD provides sufficient product information to enlighten customers and has a neat website for easy navigation.

Shipping and Services

Fab CBD provides free shipping for orders amounting to $99 or more. Visit the website, place your orders, and begin enjoying the benefits of CBG. However, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return damaged or wrong products and get a refund. Besides, Fab CBD has responsive customer service to give you the clarification you need.


• Contains simple organic components

• Has no dyes or additives

• Non-GMO and chemical-free

• Potent and high-quality

• Available in two flavors

• Comes in elegant packaging

#2 Premium Jane CBG Oil: Best Composition

Premium Jane is one of the best CBD brands in the industry. It currently provides one of the best CBG oils on the market, which contains organic components. Users utilize the CBG oil for various symptoms to enhance overall wellness.

Source of Hemp

Premium Jane uses organic hemp from U.S. farms to formulate quality CBG. Hemp grown in the country is high-grade due to the strict regulations put in place for farmers. Using organically grown hemp plants is one of the measures to ensure a manufacturer makes safe, superior CBG.


With Premium Jane, you get CBG oil with a 5:1 Delta 8-CBG ratio. However, the manufacturer includes a full-spectrum hemp extract in the product, which contains CBD. Delta-8 is a type of THC, so check the regulations of your area before using this CBG oil.

Additional Ingredients

Aside from CBG and Delta 8 cannabinoids, Premium Jane CBG oil contains MCT oil, natural flavor, and full-spectrum hemp distillate. The flavor options here are candy watermelon and tropical punch, which consists of pineapple, orange, and raspberry extract.

Extraction Method

Premium Jane utilizes hexane to extract CBG, Delta 8, and other beneficial elements from hemp. However, as mentioned earlier, using carbon dioxide is the best way to derive hemp components from the plant matter.

3rd Party Lab Reports

You can access the product’s lab report by clicking the lab sheet link on the product page. Doing so takes you to the lab report page, where you click on the relevant batch number to view the test results. Get to know the CBG oil’s components before using it to ensure your safety and confidence in the product.


Premium Jane CBG oil comes in a single potency consisting of 1000mg Delta 8 and 200mg CBG. Use 1ml servings to get the benefits of CBG and support your general wellbeing. Besides, you have two flavor choices, so you are not stuck with one taste.   

Brand Reputation

Premium Jane is a popular brand on the CBD market. It provides high-quality products that improve the wellbeing of users, and CBG oil is one of them. If you are looking for cannabigerol oil to get you started, keep in mind this brand when shopping.

Shipping and Services

Premium Jane provides free shipping for all U.S. orders to help customers save money. It also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that increases its credibility on the market. If you get damaged or wrong products, you can return them and get a refund. However, the company has great customer care to ensure every user is satisfied and well-attended to.


• Available in one potency

• Made using organic U.S. hemp

• Contains natural flavoring

• Lab reports are easily accessible

• Comes in tropical and watermelon flavors

#3 Lazarus Naturals CBG Oil: Best Potencies

Lazarus Naturals is another premium brand on the CBG market. It offers quality CBG oil to support wellness and enhance balance in your body. The company also provides different purchasing decisions to suit users.

Source of Hemp

Lazarus Naturals has its own hemp farms. The manufacturer is able to monitor CBG production from hemp seeds to shipping. Besides, the company grows hemp organically to ensure you spend money on high-grade, safe CBG oil.


The CBD-CBG ratio in the CBG oil is 1:1. You get to benefit from the two cannabinoids in equal measure and improve wellness. Each milliliter offers your body 25mg of CBG and 25mg of CBD to provide the relief you need.

Additional Ingredients

Besides CBG and CBG, Lazarus Naturals CBG oil contains organic MCT oil and full-spectrum hemp extract. You get the product in 30ml and 60ml bottles, which enhances convenience. If you are new to CBG oil, start with the smaller quantity.

Extraction Method

Despite the CO2 method being the best way to extract cannabinoids from hemp, some leading brands like Lazarus Naturals use ethanol instead. Nonetheless, the brand’s CBG oil is high-quality and safe to use for various discomforts.

3rd Party Lab Reports

Like other best CBG oils, Lazarus Naturals cannabigerol oil also undergoes third-party testing. Viewing the lab report is simple. Click on the test results tab on the product page, and it will take you to the certificate of analysis. Find out more about the product before purchase and get value for your money.


Lazarus Naturals CBG oil comes in 50mg/ml strength. A 60ml bottle contains 3000mg of CBG, while the 30ml option has 1500mg. Using the dropper, consume the formulations and monitor how your body responds. 

Brand Reputation

One of the reasons Lazarus Naturals is in the guide is its reputation. It is one of the best companies to consider when searching for CBG and CBD products. The company has been around since 2014, giving it more experience in the industry than some brands. However, the manufacturer is dedicated to making quality, effective products for customers dealing with various wellness issues.

Shipping and Services

Lazarus Naturals provides free shipping for orders above $25. It also has a 90-day returns period, which is more time than what some top brands provide. You can return items within the stipulated time limit and get a refund. The company also has great customer service to get you the professional help you need regarding CBG oil and other aspects.


• Available in two bottle sizes

• Comes with a marked dropper

• Contains organic components

• Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan

• Incorporates full-spectrum hemp extract

How CBG Compares to CBD Oil

CBG oil has similarities and a few differences from CBD oil. Both products do not make users high. You can use them at any time of the day and enjoy their benefits. Besides, they work with the endocannabinoid system to provide relief.

However, CBG and CBD differ in molecular structure, which is the arrangement of atoms. The disparity causes a difference in how CBG oil and CBD oil interact with your body. That aside, while CBD activates CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBG interacts with the receptors directly, leading to a faster, more lasting effect in your body. Besides, according to Researchgate, CBG blocks serotonin receptors while CBD functions the opposite way.

Nevertheless, CBG offers several of CBD’s benefits and more. We will discuss CBG’s potential benefits later in the article.

Why Buy CBG Oil Anyway?

Quality CBG oil is safe and preliminary studies show promising results of CBG on wellness. However, additional studies are necessary to establish solid evidence of CBG’s benefits. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to try out high-grade CBG oil. It might offer you relief that other options may not provide.

However, if you have been using CBD products, CBG oil offers some of CBD oil’s benefits. For example, anecdotal research shows cannabigerol could assist with pain and sleep. Nonetheless, it offers other benefits that CBD might not. For instance, CBG has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Considering that CBG interacts directly with CB1 and CB2 receptors, it can provide more powerful effects than CBD. Consider trying out CBG oil if you have been using CBD oil and compare the experiences. 

Why CBG Oil Tends to Sell at a Higher Price

CBG oil tends to be costlier for a few reasons. For starters, amassing adequate CBG requires much more hemp plants, considering mature hemp plants have minimal amounts of CBG. A manufacturer could harvest hemp plants at the early stages of growth to get better amounts of CBG.

However, that means they will not get other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, which become available as hemp plants grow older. However, some manufacturers might use hemp strains with more cannabigerol quantities.

Besides, few brands provide CBG oils due to the much hemp biomass needed to make adequate CBG. With more users learning of CBG products, the demand could be higher than available products, leading to the higher prices.

Nonetheless, the cost of producing CBG oil is high and more delicate, which translates to the high prices on the market. Ensure you purchase high-quality CBG oil to get value for your money.

How Do You Identify a Good CBG Oil Product?

CBG oils differ in quality and components, which calls for more caution during purchase. Not every formulation you come across is safe and high-grade. Identifying good CBG oil should not be difficult.

Ensure that you buy CBG oils that’re made using organically grown hemp, as it is free of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Some best CBG brands have their own hemp farms, while others get hemp from trusted farmers. What matters is using high-grade, organically grown hemp, which can be sourced from various parts of the U.S.

Quality CBG oil also contains cannabigerol extracted from hemp using solvent-free processes. That way, you are certain of using pure CBG that does not endanger your wellbeing. As mentioned earlier, the best way to extract CBG from hemp plants is using carbon dioxide. However, some leading brands use ethanol to derive cannabinoids from hemp.

However, good CBG oils go through third-party testing aside from in-house tests. Lab experts check CBG oils for cannabinoids and contaminants such as heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. Besides, a product’s lab report should be easily accessible for convenience. 

The best CBG oil also has all-natural, simple ingredients. Apart from having organic CBG and other hemp components, it should also have carrier oil and flavoring from natural sources to safeguard your health.

The True Health Benefits of Using CBG

CBG has not been studied as much as CBD and THC. However, the cannabinoid is becoming popular as days pass by. Besides, anecdotal research shows promising CBG results, although more studies are needed.

For example, studies show CBG to have analgesic properties, which assist with pain. If you have mild pain and do not want to rely on pain pills, you could try CBG oil. Besides, cannabigerol has anti-inflammatory benefits that come in handy for pain as well. You can use CBG oil for arthritis pain and other aches and monitor how your body responds.

CBG oil might also provide antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits to help your system fight infections and keep your body in proper shape. According to ScienceDaily, CBG’s antibacterial properties can help with drug-resistant bacteria.

However, CBG oil may also relieve stress and anxiety. It offers comfort and calmness to help users calm down when feeling anxious and relax when stressed. You can focus better and get things done at work while improving your general wellbeing. Some CBG oils have CBD, a cannabinoid that has promising benefits, including stress and anxiety relief.

The product can also improve the quality of sleep users get. Considering it offers a sense of calm and focus, it might help a user rest easily and have a restful night for a healthier life. Before trying addictive sleep pills, try CBG oil for sleep and insomnia. Quality CBG is safe, non-intoxicating, and non-addictive.

CBG is able to provide the above benefits by working with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The system regulates functions such as pain, sleep, mood, appetite, and immunity functions. CBG binds directly to CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS to provide relief. Nevertheless, more studies are needed regarding CBG and other hemp cannabinoids, but the results so far are promising. 

Can You Get both CBD and CBG’s Benefits by Mixing Them?

Yes, you can get CBD and CBG benefits when you mix them. According to CBDreviewstoday the two components don’t cause any unwarranted results when mixed together. Instead the two cannabinoids offer a few similar benefits, such as relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety and improves sleep. However, CBG has shown to have anti-bacterial benefits and other benefits that require more research. On the other hand, CBD has anti-seizure properties, and the FDA already approved a drug that contains CBD called Epidiolex. Besides, CBD has other benefits.

Using CBD and CBG together provides enhanced relief for pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Both cannabinoids ease the discomforts to improve your quality of life. Experts explain that when hemp components work together, they offer what is called the entourage effect, which should enhance the relief experience.

How Should You Use CBG Oil?

The best way to use CBG oil is sublingually. This method delivers CBG fast into your bloodstream to begin relieving symptoms. You administer a few drops under your tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. The formulation moves quickly into your bloodstream through the blood vessels in your mouth.

If you have never used CBG oil before, start with a low dosage. That way, you get to gently introduce CBG into your body, and allow you system to respond. If you do not experience any changes in your symptoms, you can increase the dose gradually until you find a quantity that works for you.

Is CBG Oil Safe?

High-quality CBG oil is safe. It has organic components and is made using the best production methods. Most people do not have any problems when using CBG oil. As long as you consume high-grade CBG oil and adhere to the recommended dosage, you have nothing to worry about.

However, consuming high potencies of CBG oil can cause side effects such as mild digestive discomfort, nausea, drowsiness, and headache. Ensure you buy CBG oil online directly from manufacturer websites to be certain of getting quality products.

Nevertheless, if you are on medication or have a health condition, speak to a doctor before using CBG oil to ensure your safety. You do not want your medications interacting with CBG or other hemp components.

Is It Legal?

CBG oil is legal federally. According to the 2018 Farm Bill that was signed into law, hemp and its derivatives are legal at the federal level. CBG is a cannabinoid present in hemp and shows promising outcomes for users. However, multiple states have also legalized hemp, but a few still consider the herb illegal. Ensure you check the hemp regulations in your location before buying and using CBG oil to avoid trouble with the authorities.

Can You Pass Drug Tests with CBG Oil?

You can pass a drug test after using CBG oil, as the tests look for THC in samples. However, some CBG oils contain full-spectrum hemp extract, which has other hemp components, including 0.3 % THC. Hemp products take days to leave your system, and the minimal THC could build up in your body and become detectible in a drug test.

Final Thoughts

CBG oil is not as popular as CBD oil, but CBG is attracting the attention of more users, manufacturers, and researchers. Preliminary studies have shown cannabigerol to relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and inflammation. The market has various CBG oils to consider using, and we have discussed some of the best brands to keep in mind when shopping.

Remember the features that make up quality CBG oil during purchase to ensure you spend money on worthwhile products. Besides, follow the dosage recommendations to maximize your chances of getting CBG benefits for wellness.