Can human growth hormone (HGH) slow aging?

Blogs | 13 Dec, 2019 |

There is a belief that the human growth hormone slows the aging process. However, it is important to get facts for such claims. The growth hormone maintains tissues and organs, as well as speeding up a child’s growth. This hormone is generated by the pituitary gland. As the age advances, the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland gradually reduces. The reduction of this hormone is the reason why people go for synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) – to slow the effects of aging as well as the loss of muscle, or bone mass. However, HGH is not recommended to slow down aging and other age-linked conditions. Keep on reading to find out more about Human Growth Hormone.

Can an adult use HGH treatment?

Growth hormone is recommended especially for adults with growth hormone deficiencies. But for the aging, the low production of the hormone is normal and doesn’t necessarily require a boost. HGH prescriptions must be administered by a doctor. Most causes of growth hormone deficiency come as a result of brain tumors, operations, or radiotherapy.

Adults not generating enough growth hormone can buy HGH or get the injection from a doctor to increase their exercise capability, boost their bone mass, and minimize their body fat. Also, adults with AIDS or HIV can benefit from HGH due to growth-related issues interfering with a regular distribution of their body fats.

HGH treatment effects on healthy but older adults

There is no proper investigation suggesting the use of human growth hormone to otherwise healthy adults. HGH is known to maximize muscle density as well as reducing the body fats in older, but fit adults. However, increasing your muscles doesn’t mean your strength will increase.

Dangers associated with HGH treatment

Some of the negative side effects associated with taking HGH to otherwise healthy adults include Type 2 diabetes, joint or muscle pain, and cancer risks among other conditions. Treatment of healthy older adults with HGH is not common and takes a shorter duration for those using it.

Forms of HGH

Countries like the United States have permitted the use of HGH, but only in the management of the shortage in the hormone. Also, they have allowed it in the treatment of HIV related issues. For the effectiveness of the drug, an injection is advisable. HGH is not available in the form of a pill. However, numerous dietary supplements claim to increase HGH levels in the form of pills – there is still no research to prove any benefit in such. Do not misuse any drug especially those not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Seek advice from a certified doctor before you use HGH in muscle growth, or as an anti-aging boost.

Final thought

If you feel like you need to reduce aging effects or increase your muscle mass, kindly contact your doctor to advise you on the best method to use. Before you buy HGH, understand its benefits, as well as risks. Your health care provider will advise you on the best way to go. All in all, make healthy lifestyle choices such as engaging in physical activities and eating well to keep you fit. This will help you feel better as you age.




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