From the Founders of Drybar, Squeeze, a way better massage experience, announced today the brand’s third location opening in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 15. Located at 4513 Scottsdale Rd Suite 112, across from Apple and next to Sprinkle Cupcakes, the 3,200 square foot space holds 11 rooms and will provide customers with a seamless and customizable massage experience.

“Our vision at Squeeze is to transform communities for good so we’ve created a relaxing and hassle-free experience for our guests, as well as a positive and uplifting space for our team to come to work every day,” explains Squeeze’s Brittany Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO. “We intentionally designed our business model to facilitate small business ownership so I am beyond thrilled to support our very first Operating Partners as they bring Squeeze to the Scottsdale community.”

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Squeeze’s industry-leading technology platform is the first-of-its-kind in the retail service space and bridges the seamlessness of an on-demand mobile experience with beautiful, sophisticated brick-and-mortar destinations. Each element of the guest experience is curated to be convenient, personalized, and hassle-free. Through the Squeeze app and website, guests can book, set personalized preferences, pay, tip, rate, and review, allowing them to walk in and figuratively “float out.” The personalization continues with each massage tailored to the customer’s liking including pressure, music, lighting, and the ability to tap a “ready button” letting the therapist know to return in-room to begin the massage. Personalized preferences are saved to guests’ profiles and reviewed by massage therapists prior to appointments so Squeeze knows exactly what you want, each and every time. Each massage includes the guests’ choice of deep tissue, heat therapy, aromatherapy and percussion therapy at no extra cost.

Memberships start at $89 a month for a monthly Mid-Squeeze, the brand’s 50-minute table massage.

Since first opening its doors in Studio City, Los Angeles in 2019, the Squeeze franchise continues to expand quickly across the country with over 50 locations in development. Squeeze was built to scale through franchising and every decision has been made with the success of existing and future Operating Partners in mind, creating a way better franchise experience. The company provides a path for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who are wanting to buy into their next small business or invest in their first. Squeeze creates a launchpad of opportunities for individuals who are passionate about people and who want to take their livelihood into their own hands. Those who never thought of entrepreneurship as an option now have a streamlined